Drathar's SHoN exterior showcase

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Drathar's SHoN exterior showcase

Post by Drathar » Mon Sep 16, 2019 11:39 am

Hi, I decided to post here one of my exterior work, as Roerich suggest on discord. Some time ago I worked on Bleak Rock Isle in more lore friendly aproach, and this is what it look. It's small island very close to Solstheim southern coast. I started this mod with idea on mind to make area for few quest for House Redoran. I never finished this mod, but whole isle with very small village (Bal'Sehrma), nordic barrow (Kodrahimmel) and bandits den are pretty much done. Hope that polish language version of game doesn't bring to much issues with this showcase.
Posępna Skała.ESP
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Fürst Thal
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Post by Fürst Thal » Mon Sep 16, 2019 4:58 pm

Gonna review your file.

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Post by Fürst Thal » Mon Sep 16, 2019 11:24 pm

Clean: No(Some items are edited. They have taken a polish name for some reason which makes me think this might be a side effect from your usage of the polish version of the CS. It also asked me to create new referances when loading it up because it said it couldn't find them in the master. This also makes me think that there is a version problem.)


(x=-149586.406 y=132170.625 z=1338.579)Terrain_rocks_BM_02: Floating hard.
Some harder smothing issues.
One texture seem at the south on the hill.


(x=-150752.328 y=127620.555 z=566.715)Flora_BM_shrub_01: Bleeds a bit into a rock.
(x=-147803.156 y=128477.656 z=728.412)Flora_BM_treestump_02: Floats at the bottom a bit.
(x=-147601.859 y=130811.641 z=549.615)Flora_BM_grass_02
Some slight smothing issues.


Medium smothing issues.


(x=-140914.672 y=128090.734 z=1237.035)Flora_BM_holly_04: Bleeds at the bottom.
(x=-142079.219 y=126635.086 z=793.327)Flora_BM_holly_02: Bleeds at the bottom.
(x=-141615.422 y=127245.672 z=1287.332)Flora_tree_BM_02: Completely floats.
(x=-140628.141 y=126948.234 z=1726.983)Flora_BM_shrub_01: Bleeds at the side into a stone.
(x=-139773.578 y=126763.102 z=2010.150)Flora_BM_shrub_01: Floats at one half of the bottom.
(x=-140468.781 y=126135.773 z=1924.585)Flora_BM_holly_01: Bleeds at the bottom.
(x=-144826.953 y=128059.164 z=872.874)Flora_BM_grass_04: Floats completely.
(x=-147049.984 y=128640.656 z=452.706)com_basket_01_empty: Bleeds hard into the neighboring crate.
(x=-147116.297 y=128591.930 z=463.830)Flora_BM_log_04: Bleeds into the neighboring crate.
(x=-146887.563 y=126296.141 z=175.755)furn_de_ex_table_02: Floats.
(x=-146936.109 y=126315.305 z=164.446)furn_de_ex_stool_02: Floats.
ex_de_rowboat(On on the planks): Bleeds into the ground too much.
ex_de_oar(Both): Bleed into the planks.
The whole woden barricade while excellent has many issues with bleeders and floaters.
The woden towers look great but need planks as their surface and there is also a bit of bleeding.
Medium smothing issues.
It also needs some stuff on the table on the planks. This is mainly because the surface is uneven and we need to know if you can place small things accuratly on it.
One texture seem at the southwest. One on the hill.


Medium smothing issues.


(x=-138626.234 y=128622.359 z=1784.517)Flora_BM_holly_02: Bleeds at the bottom.
Flora_tree_BM_grass(Many): Floating in the northwest of the cell.
Medium smothing issues.

Very nice exterior. Also please name the file withou polish letters as otherwise our CS's can't read it.

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