Cavern Tileset

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Cavern Tileset

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I really want to avoid using the vanilla cave meshes re-textured. As a. They look like complete ass, and b. I wanted to try modelling caves in blender using the sculpting tool.

So, got a quick concept of what I'm gonna be working on in between flora and weapon modelling" onclick=";return false;
New cave meshes. The first one doesn't look much but its just to test the method I used for creating them

Made the first one straight, and then I will model all the variations for curves and such which will just snap together with this one.
I will eventually add little rocks and stuff to the floor along with vertex paint and better textures.
I will be keeping the ground texture, but the wall texture needs swapping as its an exterior rock texture.

I will model all the different shapes first, i.e. straight, corners, 3ways, ramps and whatever. Then I will move on to open areas.

Will add more screens as I progress

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