Crypt Of Hearts

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Crypt Of Hearts

Post by JackTheStripper » Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:05 pm

From the old forum.
SGMonkey wrote:The Crypt of Hearts is definitely something that need to look pretty incredible from the outside and inside, once you've found it of course.

Unique in its tile set I think. Maybe we could get some inspiration from some of the ancient nord tombs in Skyrim? Could even be similar to the Sky Haven Temple seen in Skyrim. Would be a good chance to have an Akaviri building in High rock. Though I don't think from what we've seen of Crypt of hearts it looks Akaviri. I only say this because its supposed to be very old, and due to there being dragon carvings on the walls it maybe related somehow.
SGMonkey wrote:I came across this when looking for some ideas for Orsinium and i instantly though the Crypt of Hearts.

Particularly in this image.

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