Iliac Bay Timeline

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Iliac Bay Timeline

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I've put together a list of events which happen along the Southern coast of High Rock, tentatively termed the Iliac Bay. As this is the part of High Rock which is being focused on first, I thought it might help in deciding what kind of terrain, architecture et cetara might be in the area, either that which remains from early settlers, or new works.

I've tried to incorporate only things from the appropriate area but if some information seems irrelevant I do apologise, the regions aren't 100% clear. Regarding events such as The Warp In The West, I've kept the entries fairly condensed, focusing most on what the area may look like after the this phenomenon - for initial inspiration, but there is a lot more detail than I have put here.
If anyone needs references please ask and I will try my best to help. I have included information from Elder Scrolls Online, but have put a little note next to it for now, as I'm unsure as to whether it will be included yet or not.

Illiac Bay Timeline

There is evidence of some form of human settlements around Iliac Bay dating back at least a thousand years before recorded history.

Before or soon after the start of the First Era, Aldmer came to High Rock from the Summerset Isles and intermarried with Nedes, eventually creating the Breton race.

First Era

1E 246
The name ‘Daggerfall’ is used to refer to the area around the Illiac Bay for what is suspected to be the first time. The origin of the name Daggerfall, is proposed to refer to the knife the first chieftain threw to form the borders of his lands.
The Skyrim Conquests brings most, if not all of the High Rock portion of the Iliac Bay region under control of the Nords. The Nords bring a rough sort of civilization with them. One of the first civilized acts performed is a census -- the so-called Book of Life. Listed on page 933 of the Book is this entry:
"North of the Highest bluffs, south of the moors, west of the hills, and east of the sea is called DAGGERFALL. 110 men, 93 women, 13 children under 8 years of age, 58 cows, 7 bulls, 63 chickens, 11 cocks, 38 hogs live here."

1E 355
Clan Direnni gain power throughout High Rock, including the Illiac bay area, through political manoeuvring and various machinations.

1E 369
The Nords lose control of the Illiac bay area due to the death of King Borgas of Winterhold, the war Of Succession, and other internal squabbles.
The emerging Bretons peacefully supplant the remaining Nordic population through commerce and the foundation of small villages in well-chosen positions. Daggerfall and many other Nordic cities becomes Breton, not by any act of war, but simply by being assimilated by them.
Daggerfall’s longevity is attributed to the Bretons, who were coastal fishermen, but also found the land itself sufficiently rich to support raising livestock. This inclination of the early citizenry toward reinforcing their principal products brought stability to a fickle land.

1E 420
An offshoot of Dwemer settles in Nothern Hammerfell, but do NOT settle near the Iliac Bay region of High Rock.

1E 477

Clan Direnni conquers High Rock and large parts of Skyrim and Hammerfell.

1E 479
The Alessian Reform is outlawed in High Rock.

1E 480
Daggerfall becomes a minor base of operations for the Dirennis and their allies. The last king of Ayleids - King Laloriaran Dynar of Nenalata - is reported as one of these allies.
Raven Direnni, the enchantress whose magic will help secure the final victory over the Alessians in the Glenumbria Moors, is one of the earliest occupants of Castle Daggerfall.
Aiden Direnni leads a series of minor but important victories against the Alessians in High Rock.

1E 482 - The Battle of Glenumbria Moors

1E 498
Almost all of High Rock, including the Illiac bay is free from Direnni rule.

1E 609
King Thagore of Daggerfall defeats the army of Glenpoint, and Daggerfall becomes the predominant economic, cultural, and military force in southern High Rock. A position the kingdom has precariously kept ever since.

1E 808
The Redguards of Yokuda begin their conquest of Hammerfell, largely displacing beast folk in their attacks, but also supplanting Breton settlements along the southern Iliac Bay. The two cultures warr over dominance in the Bay.

Orsinium army grows, determined to capture the Bjoulsae River and forces the kingdom of Wayrest to provide compensation for its services. Naturally, the neighbouring kingdoms, especially the Kingdom of Daggerfall, who is mostly responsible for the siege and destruction of Orsinium, are displeased.

1E 948
King Joile of Daggerfall sends a letter to Gaiden Shinji of the Order of the Diagna, which proposes a joint attack on Orsinium.
Earliest written reference to mention Wayrest:
"The Orcs have been much plaguing the Wayresters and impeding traffic to the heart of the land."

1E 950 - Siege of Orsinium.
The Breton armies of Daggerfall, the Redguard soldiers of Sentinel, and the Yokudan Order of Diagna, invade the Orc homeland.

1E 973
The memory stone of Makela Leki is found in the Bangkorai pass. Its contents are written in the book - From The Memory Stone of Makela Leki.
Makela and her five companions die defending against an invasion led by King Joile of Daggerfall sponsored by the Crystal Tower.

1E 980
The allied forces breach Orsinium and overrun the city, completely razing it.
This ends Daggerfall's monopoly of Illiac Bay trade. The scattering of the orcs from south eastern High Rock makes the river route to the Bay more accessible and the tiny village of Wayrest grows.

1E 1000
Wayrest's trade profits equal to Daggerfall's.

1E 1020
Wayrest is acknowledged as the master of Iliac Bay trade.

1E 1029
After the legions of Empress Hestra deposed King Styriche of Verkarth, Styriche flees west with his infamous Gray Host of vampires and werewolves, pillaging along the way. The Gray Host is halted by the Bangkorai Garrison of High Rock, and Hestra's forces kill the survivors. Impressed by the Bangkorai Garrison's actions, Hestra allows High Rock to be admitted into the Empire.

1E 1100
Wayrest becomes the Kingdom of Wayrest.

1E 1427
The Battle of Duncreigh Bridge between Anticlere and the neighbouring hamlet of Sensford. The battle ultimately achieves nothing, as both sides continue to boast of their own antique lineage.
It is celebrated each year by Anticlere, with a march down Sensford's main street, usually resulting in many injuries and sometimes brief wars between the towns' knightly orders.

1E 2702
The entire population of Wayrest city is moved into the walled estate of the Gardners as protection against pirates, Akaviri raiders, and the Thrassian Plague.

The First Era was generally a difficult time to live in the Iliac Bay region; indeed, the number of people in all areas of the Iliac Bay was halved once in the First Era by the Thrassian Plague, once again by the War of Righteousness, and a third time by the invading Akavari. If Daggerfall had not spent its first thousand years preparing for the battles of the next thousand years, it is indeed conceivable that the Iliac Bay today might be Akavarian. The general history of the Iliac Bay is said to be one of insurrections, wars, and plagues as the many provincial powers in Hammerfell and High Rock maneuverer for power.

Second Era

2E 521
Emeric, the future King of Wayrest and leader of the Daggerfall Covenant, is born to Pierric of Cumberland (from Elder Scrolls Online).

2E 541
Durcorach the Black Drake, Emperor of the Empire of Cyrodiil and progenitor of the Longhouse Emperors, invades the land of the Bretons, but is defeated by the kingdoms of High Rock and slain by Emeric. The kings of Daggerfall, Camlorn, Shornhelm, Evermore, and Wayrest sign the first Daggerfall Covenant after the victory (from Elder Scrolls Online).

2E 563
Emeric is crowned King of Wayrest (from Elder Scrolls Online).

2E 567
The Greater Daggerfall Covenant is formed (from Elder Scrolls Online).
Following the events of Ranser's War, the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfell sign the Second Daggerfall Covenant with the Orcs of Orsinium (from Elder Scrolls Online).

2E 865
Symmachus, future general of the Imperial Legion and husband to Queen Barenziah, is born.

2E 893
Barenziah, future Queen of Morrowind, and later Wayrest, is born

The Second Era, like the latter part of the First Era, is a tapestry of wars, insurrections, and plagues. Daggerfall, Sentinel, and Wayrest continue to expand and improve their military and economic positions in Iliac Bay. Daggerfall and Wayrest transpose positions as major trading centre of Iliac Bay, and Daggerfall and Sentinel likewise band over which is the superior military power.

Third Era

3E 119
Pelagius III, the future emperor of Tamriel is born to Magnus Septim, then King of Wayrest.

3E 121
War of the Red Diamond is fought and with the efforts of Cephorus and Magnus, all of High Rock eventually supports them. Hammerfell, Summerset Isle, Valenwood, Elsweyr, and Black Marsh are divided, but most kings’ support Cephorus and Magnus.

3E 125
Thoriz Pelagius Septim, the future Emperor Pelagius Septim III is born to King Magnus Septim of Wayrest and his wife Hellena.

3E 153, 2nd of Suns Dawn
After being committed to an asylum due to his madness, on a warm night after a brief fever, the 34-year-old Emperor Pelagius III dies in his cell at the Temple of Kynareth, on the Isle of Betony.

3E 202
Emperor Cassynder dies and Emperor Uriel IV is crowned.
Uriel Lariat, Cassynder's half-brother and the child of Katariah I and her Imperial consort, abdicates the throne of Wayrest to reign as Emperor Uriel IV. Legally, he was Uriel Septim IV: Cassynder had adopted him into the family when he had become King of Wayrest.

3E 247
The Council controversially grants Andorak, the son of Uriel IV, the High Rock kingdom of Shornhelm to end the war.

3E 266
Lord of Reich Gradkeep (Anticlere) falls deathly ill and dies later in the year. This is one of the reasons why the resistance to the Usurper is so slow to develop in High Rock, who only become fully aware of the Usurper's conquests this year.

3E 267
Camoran Usurper is defeated.
Baron Othrok and his less legendary allies, the rulers of Ykalon, Phrygias, and Kambria, assembles the greatest navy to date along the High Rock edge of the Iliac Bay, and defeats the Usurper's forces in the Battle of Firewaves.
With a weak Emperor on the Imperial throne, and no clear leadership from the usual powers of the west, the Usurper may have swept over High Rock had the smallest of regions of the Iliac Bay not banded together under the Baron of Dwynnen to defeat him. Once again, an overwhelming force had underestimated the Bretons, and been defeated.

3E 319
Arslan II, father to the future King of Daggerfall, Lysandus, is born.

3E 336
Nulfaga, mother to the future King of Daggerfall, Lysandus, is born.

3E 340
Eadwyre, future King of Wayrest and husband to Carolyna, is born.

3E 353
Mynisera, future wife to Lysandus, King of Daggerfall, is born.

3E 354
Lysandus, future King of Daggerfall, is born to Arslan II and Nulfaga.

3E 368
Carolyna, future Queen of Wayrest and wife to Eadwyre, is born.

3E 370
Nesmyt of the Scenarist Guild creates a new sect of Imperial scribes charged with documenting all future events and work begins on The Daggerfall Chronicles.

3E 376
King Helseth is born to Queen Barenziah and Symmachus.

3E 377
Arslan II, father to King Lysandus of Daggerfall, dies.

3E 381
Gothryd is born to Lysandus and Mynisera, rulers of Daggerfall.

3E 384
Morgiah is born to Queen Barenziah and Symmachus.

3E 389
Elysana is born to Carolyna and Eadwyre, rulers of Wayrest.

3E 391
Symmachus, husband to Barenziah, dies.

3E 392
Carolyna, Queen of Wayrest and wife of Eadwyre, dies.

3E 397
Although predominantly fought on the eastern border of High Rock, the War of the Bend'r-mahk spills into Iliac bay territory.

3E 401
Nulfaga of Daggerfall finds the exact location of the Mantella, the heart of Numidium.
Daggerfall’s population at over 110,000; although difficult to find an exact number, the capital city of Daggerfall certainly outnumbers her rivals, Sentinel and Wayrest.

3E 402
A land dispute between Daggerfall and Sentinel erupts in to the War of Betony.
Caused when Lord Mogref of Betony asks King Lysandus of Daggerfall for protection against pirates and other brigands. King Camaron of Sentinel and his advisors, citing an old contract suggesting Betony was a holding of their kingdom, declare war.
Major battles:
Battle of the Bluffs: The first major battle of the war: won by Daggerfall.
Siege of Craghold: The Island of Craghold is besieged by the forces of Sentinel for several days, but the siege is broken by Daggerfall forces under Lord Bridwell.
Battle of Cryngaine Field: Final battle of the conflict. The battlefield is covered in a dense mist created by Skakmat, and after it lifts King Lysandus is found to have perished from an arrow through either his heart or his throat – a trap supposedly set by Lord Woodbourne of Wayrest. His son Gothryd is crowned on the battlefield and leads the army to victory.

3E 303
Hostilities end after Lysandus' son, Gothryd, who became king after his father was killed in battle at Cryngaine Field, wins the battle and defeats Camaron in single combat. The War of betony is described as typical Iliac Bay warfare: sincere, frighteningly violent, and peaceably resolved.
Sentinel surrenders and Betony passes under the control of Daggerfall.

3E 404
Vulper Newgate writes his pro-Daggerfall account of the War of Betony.

3E 405
Another mysterious character is sent by Uriel Septim VII to investigate the death of King Lysandus and to find the missing letter the Emperor sent to the Queen of Daggerfall, Mynisera.

3E 417, 9th of Frost Fall
The Miracle of Peace or the Warp in the West occurs.
A mysterious event takes place between the 9th to the 11th of Frostfall in which the forty-four independent kingdoms, counties, baronies, and duchies surrounding the Iliac Bay were condensed, with Daggerfall and Wayrest taking over large tracts of territory in southern High Rock and the Iliac Bay.
Notable features:
Mass disappearances
Armies mysteriously transported hundreds of miles or completely annihilated
Titanic storms and celestial phenomena
Apparent local discontinuities of time
Catastrophic destruction of landscape and property
Large loss of life
Colossal wall of water witnessed along the Bjoulsae River
Villages all along the Bjoulsae were witnessed to be on fire
Battles raged between the orcs of Orsinium and the soldiers of King Eadwyre in the formerly independent principality of Gauvadon, just east of Wayrest
Seven great battles fought simultaneously along the Iliac Bay
Blackened, desolate no-man's land between the four remaining kingdoms which no mortal army could have caused

3E 417, 11th of Frost Fall
Daggerfall and Wayrest are the only remaining regions left along the High Rock portion of Iliac Bay, and all the points where they met lay in ruins, as the armies continued to do battle.
Wayrest find themselves at war. Their land had expanded three-fold, but they are under attack by Daggerfall to the west, Orsinium to the east, and Sentinel to the south.

3E 417 – 3E 432
Battle-weary, the kingdoms of High Rock have eschewed violence recently in favour of diplomatic solutions. This is not to say that there have been no tensions over the new borders between Daggerfall and Wayrest, but they are localized skirmishes, and have yet to explode into war, as they might have done in the past.
Wayrest spreads across the eastern coast of the Bay, stretching from the land formerly called Anticlere to half of Gauvadon. Eadwyre has passed on to his ancestors, leaving his kingdom in the hands of his daughter, Elysana, who has two children by her royal consort, and seems likely to hold her father's lands as she controls and dominates politics in High Rock. She has recently formed an alliance with Wayrest's old enemies, the Orcs of Orsinium. The Queen of Wayrest is considered by many to be the most feared ruler in the West; in order to achieve the throne, she had to outmanoeuvre and defeat her stepbrother, Helseth, a man now renowned in the East for his cunning, as well as his mother, Barenziah.
Daggerfall is still ruled by the Breton King Gothryd and the Redguard Queen Aubk-I, whose marriage twenty years before, cemented relations and formed the basis of the peace between Daggerfall and Sentinel, which continues to this day. Their land now encompasses all of western High Rock, from the border they share with Wayrest at Anticlere to the east, to Ykalon to the north. They have four children, and are much beloved in their realm. They have recently celebrated the marriage of their son Camaron to Lady Kelmena, the daughter of Duke Senhyn of Camlorn, suggesting a possible unified kingdom along the western coast of Tamriel.

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