High Rock Timeline

Discussion of Elder Scrolls lore and how it will be used in High Rock 427
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High Rock Timeline

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I have tried to consolidate information form various places into a timeline of events, which take place in, or directly affect High Rock, before 3E 427. This is by no means exhaustive, there will inevitably be things that I have missed, and similarly there will be events elsewhere which have an effect upon High Rock which are not included here, I simply thought it would be a good start.

Most of the references are taken from the UESP timeline, I have however, included information from various books, in game events, and dialogue (predominantly from Arena, Daggerfall, and Shadowkey); so if unsure about the validity of some information, please just ask for the reference and I will try my best to help!

High Rock Timeline

Merethic Era 2500
- Adamantine Tower constructed

Middle Merethic Era
- The Aldmer leave the doomed now-lost continent of Aldmeris and settle on Tamriel.
- Adamantine Tower is captured by the Direnni clan, a prominent and powerful Aldmeri clan.

First Era
Third Century
1E 246 — Daggerfall City is founded
The north half of the Iliac Bay, including the current province of High Rock, was conquered by invading Nords, who brought a rough sort of civilization with them. One of the first civilized acts the Nords performed was a census - the Book of Life.

Fourth Century
1E 355 — The rise of Clan Direnni
Clan Direnni, the only known High Elven ruling family remaining in human lands, claims power in High Rock through political manoeuvring and questionable machinations.

1E 358 — Cyrodiil attacks Direnni
The joined armies of Cyrodiillic Emperor Ami-El and the Skyrim Empire attack Clan Direnni in the Western Reach of High Rock.

Fifth Century
1E 420 — The Skyrim War of Succession ends.
The Skyrim War of Succession ends with the Pact of Chieftans. The war resulted in Skyrim losing control of the High Rock, Morrowind, and Cyrodiil regions, never to again regain them.

1E 477 — Direnni conquers High Rock.
Clan Direnni conquers High Rock and large parts of Skyrim and Hammerfell.

1E 479 — Alessian Reform is outlawed.
Ryain Direnni outlaws the Alessian Reform and puts its major advocates to death. Direnni forces begin to harass the Colovian West, pushing for the Heartland.

1E 482 — The Battle of Glenumbria Moors
The battle between the Alessian Order and the Direnni Elves of High Rock, under the command of Aiden Direnni. The order was soundly defeated by the Elves at the cost of much of the Elven power in High Rock. The Elves were finally defeated by the Cyrodiil Empire in 1E 498.

1E 498 — Elven power in High Rock is defeated.
The Elves of High Rock, after losing much power in the Battle of Glenumbria Moors against the Alessian Order, finally were driven from High Rock almost 20 years later in 1E 498. The province of Skyrim, under King Wulfharth, submits to a fiery reinstatement of the traditional Nordic pantheon. Alessian temples are destroyed, and remnants of its priesthood seek refuge in the Heartland.

Ninth Century
1E 800 — Earliest date of Wayrest City
It is difficult for historians to declare a certain date for the foundation of Wayrest. A settlement of some variety had been existent where the Bjoulsae River feeds the Iliac Bay, possibly since the 800th year of the First Era. The traders and fishermen of Wayrest were surrounded by hostile parties: the Orc capital of Orsinium had grown like a poison weed to the north, and the Akaviri pirates and raiders crowded the islands to the west. There is no mystery to Wayrest's name. After the fighting most travellers had to endure passing through the eastern end of the Iliac Bay, the little fishing village on the Bjoulsae was a welcome rest.

1E 808 — Redguards arrive in Hammerfell.
A warrior wave of Yokudans, the Ra Gada, drives the beastfolk and Nedic peoples from Volenfell. Over time, the name "Ra Gada" becomes corrupted into "Redguard” and the race claims Hammerfell as their homeland. The beastfolk refugees escape from Hammerfell and join the Orcs at Orsinium.

Tenth Century
1E 948 — Earliest written reference to Wayrest
In the Annals of Daggerfall, King Joile's letter to Gaiden Shinji of the Order of Diagna contains the following reference: "The Orcs have been much plaguing the Wayresters and impeding traffic to the heart of the land." The date given for the letter was 1E 948.

1E 950 — Assault on Orsinium begins.
The annihilation of the Orcish capital Orsinium was begun by the joint effort of Daggerfall, the new kingdom of Sentinel, and the now extinct Order of Diagna. It took constant effort over 30 years to finally drive out the Orcs.

1E 973 — The Memory Stone of Makela Leki is found.
The memory stone of Makela Leki was found in the Bankorai pass. Its contents have been written in the book From The Memory Stone of Makela Leki. Makela and her five companions died defending against an invasion led by King Joile of Daggerfall sponsored by the Crystal Tower of High Rock.

1E 980 — The Orcish capital of Orsinium is defeated.
The annihilation of the orcish capital Orsinium by a joint effort of Daggerfall, the new kingdom of Sentinel, and the now extinct Order of the Diagna. The scattering of the Orcs from south eastern High Rock made the river route to the Bay more accessible. The tiny village of Wayrest grew like a flower that no longer feared the mow. Within time Wayrest profits equalled Daggerfall's and eventually Wayrest was acknowledged the master of Iliac Bay trade.

Fifteenth Century
1E 1427 — Battle of Duncreigh Bridge
The battle between Anticlere and the neighbouring hamlet of Sensford. It is celebrated each year by Anticlere by a march down Sensford's main street, usually resulting in many injuries and sometimes brief wars by the town’s knightly orders. The battle ultimately achieved nothing as both sides continue to boast of their own antique lineage.

Twenty-Third Century
1E 2200 — Thrassian Plague
A brutal plague which devastated more than half of Tamriel's population, especially near the western coast nearest to Thras. The plague was released by the Sload of the coral kingdom of Thras which were later destroyed by the All Flags Navy.

Twenty-Eighth Century
1E 2702 — Wayrest City moves to Gardners Estate.
The entire population of the city was forced to move into the walled estate of the Gardners as protection against pirates, Akaviri raiders, and the Thrassian plague.

Second Era
Fifth Century
2E 432 — Orsinium loses its territory status.
One year after the death of Emperor Potentate Savirien-Chorak, Orsinium loses the status of an Imperial territory.

Sixth Century
2E 560 — The Knahaten Flu
A strain of the Knahaten Flu hits the southern provinces of Tamriel causing many deaths. The Argonians were strangely immune to the flu which has led some to believe they were responsible for it in some way. The flu continued until around 2E 603.

Seventh Century
2E 603 — Last documented case of the Knahaten Flu.
Even after the plague passed, non-Argonians tended to avoid the province out of fear.

Ninth Century
2E 854 — Emperor Cuhlecain is assassinated.
The Emperor was assassinated by a High Rock nightblade who also burned the Imperial Palace to the ground and attempted to kill General Talos (Tiber Septim).

2E 865 — Symmachus is born.
Symmachus, future husband to Barenziah, is born.

2E 893 — Barenziah is born.
Barenziah, future Queen of Wayrest and wife of Eadwyre, is born.

2E 896 — Tiber Septim conquers Tamriel.
Tiber Septim finishes conquering all the lands of Tamriel with the aid of the Dwarven artifact Numidium and the battlemage Zurin Arctus, finally uniting them in peace. The time of Tiber's reign was a just (even from serf to king) and glorious one, among the best of Tamriel's history.

2E 897 — Beginning of the Third Era
The Third Era is pronounced by Tiber Septim after uniting all provinces in Tamriel.

Third Era
Third Century
3E 247 — Emperor Cephorus II Crowned
Cephorus II was chosen as emperor by vote of Council, since he was a cousin more closely related to the original Septim line than was Emperor Uriel IV’s son, Andorak. Cephorus had been a Nordic king. For the first nine years of Cephorus II's reign, those loyal to Andorak battled the Imperial forces. In an act that the sage Eraintine called Tiber Septim's heart beating no more, the Council granted Andorak the High Rock kingdom of Shornhelm to end the war. Andorak's descendants still rule that land.

3E 249 — Camoran Usurper Invades
Of course, Cephorus II had foes that demanded more of his attention than Andorak. From out of a nightmare, in the words of Eraintine, a man who called himself the Camoran Usurper (rumoured to be a lich) appeared. The Usurper led an army of Daedra and undead warriors on a rampage through Valenwood, conquering kingdom after kingdom. None could resist his onslaughts, and as month turned to bloody month, fewer even tried. Cephorus II sent more and more mercenaries into Hammerfell to stop the Usurper's northward march, but they were bribed, turned into undead, or slaughtered. The result was a great regional victory and an increase in hostility toward the seemingly ineffective Empire.

3E 253 — Usurper Controls Dwynnen Region
The region of Dwynnen was invaded and captured by the Camoran Usurper and held by an army of zombies, ghosts, vampires and skeletons.

3E 266 — Lord of Reich Gradkeep (Anticlere) Dies
The Lord of what is now called the Anticlere region fell deathly ill and died later in the year. This was one of the reasons why the resistance to the Usurper was so slow to develop in High Rock.

3E 267 — Camoran Usurper Defeated
The Baron Othrok and his less legendary allies, the rulers of Ykalon, Phrygias, and Kambria, changed this unfavorable perception. News of the Usurper's barbaric treatment of captives and abuse of conquered lands, mostly true, spread rapidly through their territories. Within a few months, the greatest navy to date assembled along the High Rock edge of the Iliac Bay. The tales of how the combined forces of High Rock defeated the endless army of the Camoran Usurper is certainly worthy of a lengthy book in itself and perhaps best left to public imagination. They were helped by good fortune, the weather worked against the Usurper, which is reason in itself to attribute divine intervention.

3E 277 — Lariat family rule over Shornhelm
The kingdom of Shornhelm is offered to Andorak Lariat in order to persuade him to drop his claim to the Imperial throne. The Lariat family reigned in the kingdom from that point on.

Fourth Century
3E 336 — Nulfaga Born
Nulfaga, mother to the future Daggerfall King Lysandus, is born.

3E 340 — Eadwyre Born
Eadwyre, future King of Wayrest and husband to Carolyna, is born.

3E 353 — Mynisera Born
Mynisera, future wife to Lysandus, King of Daggerfall, is born.

3E 354 — Lysandus Born
Lysandus, future King of Daggerfall, is born to Arslan II and Nulfaga.

3E 369 — Akorithi Born
Akorithi, future Queen of Sentinel and wife to Camaron, is born.

3E 370 — Eternal Champion Born
The hero who stopped Jagar Tharn's rule over Tamriel is born.

3E 375 — "The Agent" Born
The unnamed hero who put to rest the soul of King Lysandus is born.

3E 376 — King Helseth Born
King Helseth is born to Queen Barenziah and Symmachus.

3E 377 — Arslan II Dies
Arslan II, father to King Lysandus of Daggerfall, dies.

3E 381 — Gothryd Born
Gothryd, son of Lysandus and Mynisera, rulers of Daggerfall, is born.

3E 384 — Morgiah Born
Morgiah is born to Queen Barenziah and Symmachus.

3E 386 — Aubk-i Born
Aubk-i is born to Camaron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel.

3E 389 — Emperor Uriel Septim VII Betrayed by Jagar Tharn
Emperor Uriel Septim VII is betrayed by the Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn and imprisoned in a dimension of Tharn's creation.
Elysana is born to Carolyna and Eadwyre, rulers of Wayrest.

3E 391 — Symmachus Dies
Symmachus, husband to Barenziah, dies.

3E 392 — Greklith is born to Camaron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel.
Carolyna, Queen of Wayrest and wife of Eadwyre, dies.

3E 393 — Lhotun Born
Lhotun is born to Camaron and Akorithi, rulers of Sentinel.

3E 396 — Regional Wars Throughout Tamriel
A series of regional wars occur throughout Tamriel.

3E 396 — The Arnesian War
After a slave revolt, Morrowind forces destroy the armies of Black Marsh. With Symmachus deceased, Queen Barenziah, rightly fearing for her life, fled across the Empire to the High Rock kingdom of Wayrest. The Queen abdicated her throne, leaving it to her uncle Athyn Llethan, a House Hlaalu noble.

3E 397 — Umbra' Keth Destroyed
A Shadow of Conflict being created by the ongoing War of Bend'r-mahk was destroyed by an unknown hero wielding the power of the seven Star Teeth.

3E 399 — Jagar Tharn is Defeated; Orsinium founded
A mysterious champion defeated the Battlemage in the dungeons of the Imperial Palace and frees Emperor Uriel Septim VII from his other dimensional cell.
Gortwog gro-Nagorm founded the nation of Orsinium and began fighting for its independence.

Fifth Century
3E 401 — Nulfaga Finds the Mantella
Nulfaga of Daggerfall, High Rock, finds the exact location of the Mantella
A census of Daggerfall is taken which places the population at nearly 110,000.

3E 402 - 3E 403 — The War of Betony
The war was caused when Lord Mogref of Betony asked King Lysandus of Daggerfall for protection against pirates and other brigands. King Camaron of Sentinel and his advisors, citing an old contract that suggested Betony was a holding of their kingdom, declared war. Hostilities ended after Lysandus' son, Gothryd, who became king after his father was killed in battle at Cryngaine Field, won the battle and defeated Camaron in single combat. Sentinel surrendered and Betony passed under the control of Daggerfall.
Major battles:
—Battle of the Bluffs: The first major battle of the war. Won by Daggerfall.
—Siege of Craghold: The Island of Craghold was besieged by the forces of Sentinel for several days, but the siege was broken by Daggerfall forces under Lord Bridwell.
—Battle of Cryngaine Field: Final battle of the conflict. The battlefield was covered in a dense mist created by Skakmat, and after it lifted King Lysandus was found to have perished from an arrow through either his heart or his throat. His son Gothryd was crowned on the battlefield and led the army to victory.

3E 403 — Lysandus, King of Daggerfall, is brutally murdered in a cunning trap set by Lord Woodborne of Wayrest.
Camaron, King of Sentinel and husband to Queen Akorithi, dies.
The War of Betony, the war between Daggerfall of High Rock and Sentinel of Hammerfell takes place.
The councillors invite Graddock's cousin, Lord Auberon Flyte, to rule Reich Gradkeep as regent. Flyte and his wife, Doryanna, were strong, nearly dictatorial, rulers who restored much-needed order to the province. When the infant heir died, Flyte was elevated from regent to ruler and Reich Gradkeep was renamed Anticlere, after Flyte's ancestral home.

3E 405 — Investigation into Murder
Another mysterious character is sent by Uriel Septim VII to investigate the death of King Lysandus and to find the missing letter the Emperor sent to the Queen of Daggerfall, Mynisera.

3E 417 — The 'Miracle of Peace', also known as 'The Warp in the West' occurs
A mysterious event taking place between the 9th to the 11th of Frostfall in which the forty-four independent kingdoms, counties, baronies, and dukedoms surrounding the Iliac Bay were condensed into four: Daggerfall, Sentinel, Wayrest, and Orsinium.

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