Saivryn's Google Drive Reference Images - Skyrim

All concept art for SHotN
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Saivryn's Google Drive Reference Images - Skyrim

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Hello all, years ago I started compiling inspiration and reference images in a big batch of Google Drive folders. I couldn't get them all prepped and organized back then and it slipped out of my mind for a long time. They're still rather disorganized but even in this state I figure they give a good "vibe" overview for different regions.

The subfolders necessary for organization are already prepared, things just have to be sorted. Right now I think most folders are on view mode, I am not sure what I'll do with the permissions yet what with organization but regardless I figure I should just finally post these here and put them to good use.

Link for Skyrim folder: ... sp=sharing

Link for master folder: ... sp=sharing

TES General (Misc stuff): ... sp=sharing
(Faces folder holds most of Lady N's old face references)

I may add more when I get in the mood, even looking through these again I'm getting more ideas. Sorry if the mass of disorganized images can stress your computer, it does for my little laptop, part of why I haven't sorted through these yet

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