ShotN creature concepts

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ShotN creature concepts

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Hi all,
Here are the concepts I posted on Discord so far. Will post future creature concepts here too. Let me now If you have a certain wish for a creature you would like to have concept of, or if you need more detailed concepts of ones I alredy posted.



Servants of Hermaeus Mora:

1: Simple Scamp with more fur and some horns.
Packs a bit more of a punch than its standard version and has a bit of frost resistance.
Maybe a new summon spell, or only encounterable in the wild.
The idea is that Hermaus Mora was annoyed at the Scamps constant shivering and complaining because the cold.
So he modified them a bit.

2: A Seeker, a new summon spell and encounterable in the wild of Skyrim, at old ruins and barrows, where Hermaeus Mora
had his influence. Not very strong and meant as a possible summon spell for stealth characters or mages, with either
sneak or intelligence improving bonuses for the player upon summoning. Attacks with paralyze or sound spells.
Animation wise I imagine its arms constantly making waving moves, while it slowy waddles towards you.



Pinecone creatures (Koglings/ props to roerich for the name):

1: Can be encountered mostly in the night, in dark foresty places. Needs some inpressive sounding fantasy name the Nords call it, but I imagine it is kinda related
to spriggans, so a forest spirit type of creature just a bit more darker and more bloodthirsty. Instead of blood it looses scales if you hit it and for moving
it could maybe use the frost- or storm-atronach animations. It is a mid to high level creature, but not because one is very strong, but because they can come in numbers.
Should also posses a pretty high weakness to fire, but is immune to other elemental magic and poison. Hight I would say is about that of an Imperial or even Bosmer.

2: An older and a bit more powerful version. Also the first time you can see some mouth and red eyes and also finally hear them, not that it would be pleasant, because they sound
like a creaky tree that moans in agonizing pain.

3: Nords believe that, some pines soak up the blood wich has been shed at their roots and if enough has accumulated,
they tree's spirits get corrupted by the bloodlust and cold blood murder
that they have seen so many times. So the trees start to produce some uncommon fruit. These pinecones contain the
pain and agony of these who have fallen beneath the trees and once fallen
to the ground start to raise themselves up with their long nose, burring the peak of the cone in the ground and start
grow over several months. Whean they reach Riekling height, they start to
lift their feet and wander around. Nords make sure to slay them in this stadium, if they find them, as they become
increasingly more dangerous the more they grow.


The Snowman(Vinterskaeg/ name by ThomasRuz or Hvitskeggr/ by roerich):

Some kind of mountain giant, about three heads taller than a Highelf. Due to its long arms it has a relatively wide reach, so that counters out the advantage of a spear. Cowardly, but attacks injured players. Loner.
Makes some howling noise as if it tries to imitate the wind. Nords believe that, cowards or people who were criminals or have otherwise a sinful past, but died of old age nonetheless, are damed to be reborn as a snowman and wander
the mountains turning crazy from the cold howling winds up high. It is also believed that Snowmen are responsible for kidnapping human baby's sometimes, and the Nords explain that by saying, that they're envious of their innocence and wished they'd be reborn as a baby too. Also makes for a pretty nice horror tale to ensure that little Nord kids behave nicely.

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Post by roerich »

As stated in Discord, I really like these. I hope they can become T_Data creatures one day, Koglings especially.

I've fixed your images (linking to the direct image location and embedding with [img] tags). For future reference, Imgur is the way to go for linked images.

Also, welcome to PT and welcome to the forums!

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Post by Ateiggaer »

Ah thanks, will remember that for the next pictures.

Great to be here!

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