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Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:43 am
by Charger24
Some named giants + background lore + quest ideas, crossposted from discord.

Hostile giants:

Makon - Eastmarch, Hrimbald Plateau

  • An old, territorial hill giant who once put the nail though the face of Guri Nail-Face of Skerd. Makon himself would be similarly battle-scarred from centuries of fighting with Guri and his descendants. Leads a small clan, though his family is rarely seen.
  • The player could help Skerd finish off their sworn enemy once and for all, or broker a shaky peace between the two, probably with gifts aplenty for both parties.
Örni - The Pale, Gorvigh Ridge

  • A clever hill giant whose territory serves as a convenient buffer zone on Danstrar's southwestern frontier. Tolerated by Queen Macalla and her predecessors ever since Whiterun fell into chaos.
  • In order to surreptitiously weaken the Pale and incentivize the Danstrar marriage, King Thian could send the player to "remove" Örni. The PC could just kill her, or get her to leave by setting her up with Selt.
Urtalgak and Rukaag - Falkreath, Jerall Mountains

  • Pair of hill giant brothers living high in the Jeralls. Some of Elinhir's forces accidentally strayed into the giants' territory when the Bend'r Mahk War was still going in Hammerfell's favor, and Urtalgak and Rukaag slaughtered them mercilessly. Falkreath leaves them alone, out of equal parts gratitude and fear.
  • The player might be tasked with recovering an artifact or treasure of the defeated Redguards from the giants' lair without disturbing them.
Mubrog - White Hold, Troll's Teeth

  • Mubrog's lair is a deep cave system that he wrested from cultists of Vaermina. Rumors say the hill giant lost his sanity in the process, and now wanders ever-dreamwalking beneath the earth.
  • What do giants dream about? I'm not sure, but it'd be fun to find out.
Jorok - Hrothgar/The Rift, Gjerde Hills

  • An infamously brutal hill giant, Jorok somehow was persuaded to ally with the nearby (still unnamed, but how about "Darmukh"?) orc stronghold to fight off attacks from Hrothgar and Nimalten.
  • Jorok could be made non-hostile, potentially even a temporary follower, if the player establishes rapport with the orcs.
Thulror - Morrowind, Uld Vraech

  • Nasty hill giant menacing both the Nail-Knock Reavers and the Redoran at Mandul. Moved over the Velothis into Morrowind during the chaos of the Simulacrum, and has been a thorn in everyone's side ever since.
  • Player could kill Thulror for House Redoran, or maybe bait him into attacking a Redoran outpost for the Reavers.
Betukk-Ar - Roscrea, [Northern mountains]

  • Blind, deaf, maybe-senile frost giant clad in ornate, ancient armor. Betukk-Ar was once Atmoran royalty who decided to stay on Roscrea rather than push onward to Tamriel. Due to proximity to nearby time-thawing operations, he woke up a hundred years ago after several thousand years of effective stasis.
  • Although communication with Betukk-Ar is effectively impossible, the player might trick the giant back into a state of relative calm by recreating a facsimile of his court in ways the old giant could still feel with his remaining senses (i.e. lighting braziers for warmth, setting out great feasts of food, burning incense).
Non-hostile giants:

Selt - Haafingar, Drajkmyr Marsh

  • A friendly hill giant who actively trades with the local Hjaal tribes and will trade with the player.
  • Selt is amiable, and has assisted the locals with various construction projects, but he's very lonely, and getting old. The player could help him find a mate in Örni.
Tartaag - White Hold, Skaldring Mountains

Tartaag and his clan
  • A hill giant claiming descent from the legendary Valstaag, who seeks to return with his dwindling clan down from the mountains to his forefathers' lands to the west.
  • The player could help Tartaag by recovering "Valstaag's Toothpick", bringing it to Whiterun and demanding that Tartaag's people (no more than 2-4 at this point) be allowed back into the western hills in recognition of their ancient pact with Ysgramor. Lainalten would strongly object, of course. Added Jsashe weirdness could add another layer of fun.
Ogartor - Winter Hold, Mount Arnthor

Ogartor's fortress
  • Frost giant with an intimidating stone-hewn fortress built on a shoulder of Mount Arnthor. Although travelers avoid him out of fear, he isn't actually hostile, just very prickly and standoffish.
  • Ogartor needs nothing from anyone, but the player might help a Winterhold academic by asking the ancient giant about some touchy, but nearly-forgotten history. The player would need to word their question carefully and with proper reverence to avoid offending Ogartor's pride.
Vrenmalog - Haafinheim, FalkheimKilkreath Mountains?

Vrenmalog wandering the wilds
  • Nomadic hill giant who has been known to range from Solitude Forest all the way to the shores of the Balothian Bay in High Rock. Locals say he speaks surprisingly good Tamrielic, and will trade a good story.
  • (my proposal from discord) Prince Oringar, younger son of King Barda of the Reach, met Vrenmalog while wandering the wilds just before being shipped out with the Legions from Fort Northwatch. Despite the Reach's fraught history with giants, Prince Oringar and Vrenmalog retain a healthy mutual respect. As part of the Reach Main Quest, if the player chooses to support Oringar's claim for the throne of the Reach, Oringar could ask the player to seek out Vrenmalog to speak on his behalf at the Tsunholm kingsmoot as a show of power/prestige play. The PC would be charged with finding Vrenmalog (no easy task, in the vast wilds of the northwest) and convincing him to risk a trip to the Reach.
Gakta - Roscrea, [Whalers' Coast]

(Minus the heads)
  • Gakta is a peaceable frost giant living on an oceanside plateau. She is angry at a party of Breton whalers who have camped atop an ancient (Atmoran?) burial site Gakta considers sacred. Unfortunately, she doesn't know a single word of Tamrielic. Instead, she's been passive-aggressively taking ivory from the camp to get them to leave.
  • The Bretons have no idea why Gakta keeps taking their ivory, but they're very irritated. The player could steal the ivory back, or find a way to communicate via gestures (or perhaps recovered snippets of Atmoran phrases). If the player chooses diplomacy, they would then need to convince the Bretons to set up camp someplace else.

Re: Giants

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:47 am
by Charger24
I think it might be a good idea to dispense with the frost/hill giant distinction entirely, and have each giant look unique via a base giant race with face and apparel customization, rather than a creature. This would let the player acquire giant items easily, would make giants easy to individually distinguish, and would have the additional advantage of leaving Karstaag as a truly unique entity like King Dead Wolf Deer, something (someone?) who defies classification.

Re: Giants

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 11:10 am
by Vern
Karstaag is identified as A frost giant though, implying their are others that look as he does. I advocate the race path for hill giants, but Frost Giants should still exist separately as well. Being more bestial they'd not really be applicable for the shift over to being a race though, sadly.