History and Culture of the Falmer

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Re: History and Culture of the Falmer

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I think it would be interesting if the Falmer religion had some connection to the Nordic pantheon and the kalpic cycle, but with a more elven slant. What if instead of worshipping Auri-El, they worship something akin to Alduin? However, contrast with the Nords, they would have desired to awaken him and escape the current kalpa. Perhaps the kalpic cycle is an idea that originated with the Falmer that the Nords later adopted.

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Post by Tristior »

Eh, I actually prefer to sharp distinction between the pantheons, showing a kind of imposition of Nordic religion on Tamriel. Plus historically, they are quite separate in their formation (Nord religion developed in Atmora, away from the Falmer).

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What's your opinion as Denstagmer as their god (as in Denstagmer's Ring)? Sounds godly enough, there is nothing about him anywhere outside existence of that ring, so it could be Aedric Artifact for what it's worth.

According to Hrafnir's languages den means nest in Nordic, and stag means fort. Those words may be loanwords from Falmeri.
In Aldmeri language dena means useful and some words similar enough to stag like stani or stare mean city or large building.

For me fort can be described as useful large building. :lol: And Denstagmer's Ring is defensive ring granting resistance to fire, frost and shock. So maybe Denstagmer is god of peace and safety? Or maybe he's god of good weather?

I wanted to describe him as anti-Ares or anti-Prometheus in Earth's religion terms. And Lorkhan is kinda like Prometheus and an enemy of the ancient Elves. Some Nordic myths state he vowed the Dwemer would "die by [his] hand" shortly before their disappearance at the climax of the War of the First Council around 1E 700. So maybe Lorkhan did all that? But earlier? Having Falmer in mind, not Dwemer? And in 1E 700 it was old myth already?

Maybe Denstagmer is husband/wife of Auri-El? His mer form? Maybe he was killed by Lorkhan?

I think Denstagmer as forgotten god of Falmers is worth considering.

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