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Skyrim Timeline

Post by Tristior » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:53 am

Note: text coloured red indicates my own additions

First Era
1E0-139 - A period of chaotic land-grabs and war with the Falmer. Numerous kingdoms are founded by Ysgramor’s Companions and Shor’s champions, only to be abandoned and collapse. The area of Skyrim occupied by the Nords fluctuates wildly during this time
1E68 - Last refugees from Atmora arrive in Skyrim. No further contact is made, and the Nords consider Skyrim to be their homeland from this point onwards
1E139-143 - King Harald wages several wars of extermination against both the Falmer and the Dragon Cult, founding the united Kingdom of Skyrim at the point of his expurgation of both
1E221 - Following the death of Harald, the Moot is founded from the leading jarls in order to ensure a worthy successor is chosen
1E240-290 - Beginning with King Vrage, Skyrim conquers Morrowind and High Rock over the next fifty years, founding the Old Nordic Empire. After the Alessian Rebellion, their territory extends deep into the Nibenay as well
1E242 - The Alessian Rebellion against Ayleid rule in Cyrodiil begins
1E242 - Alessia calls for help from the chieftains of the Nordic Empire. There is no great enthusiasm from the High King’s court to intervene against their powerful Ayleid neighbours to the south
1E243 - Several southern Nordic clans and warrior groups rally around the son of a lesser jarl from the border of Ayleid Falkreath, who sees the Rebellion as an opportunity to extend his inheritance and push elven influence back beyond the Jeralls. These Nordic mercenary forces make contact with Alessia’s forces at Heldon, enacting a pogrom of the Ayleids in Falkreath.
1E243 - Nordic forces capture Imperial city alongside Alessia’s armies; the Alessian Empire is absorbed as a loose protectorate of the Nordic Empire
1E243 - The Nordic mercenaries who first joined the Rebellion are granted the Colovian territories; Falkreath - under its new jarl - opts to trade on the prestige it won during the war and be incorporated into the Alessian Empire, rather than remain part of the Nordic Empire
1E266 - The Colovian Estates are formally founded as vassal kingdoms of the Alessian throne
1E358 - As the Nordic Empire begins to lose control of its holdings, the Alessian Empire begins to eclipse it and power shifts southward. More and more of Skyrim's Cyrodiilic territory is ceded to the Nibenese aristocracy. The Direnni Hegemony take western lands from Skyrim
1E361 - High King Borgas, last of Ysgramor’s line and a chief supporter of the prophet Marukh, outlaws the Nordic pantheon and enforces the Alessian Reforms throughout the Nordic Empire
1E369 - The death of Borgas leads to War of Succession and the end of the Nordic Empire. The majority of High Rock is captured by the Direnni Hegemony
1E401 - Skyrim loses its last holdings in High Rock
1E416 - The Dunmer revolt against Nordic rule and reclaim Morrowind, in a “great slaughter”. Nordic forces, consisting of famous Tongues such as Jurgen Windcaller and Hoag Merkiller, are defeated by the First Council. After this loss, Jurgen (now called “the Calm”) founds the pacifist School of the Voice
1E420 - Skyrim loses its last holdings in the Nibenay. Skyrim’s southern Kingdoms fall fully under the influence of the Alessian Empire.
1E477 - The Direnni Hegemony conquers western Skyrim, including the entirety of the Reach. High King Kjoric the White is under increasing pressure to resist foreign incursions and restore Skyrim’s independence, leading to ill-advised aggression against the Alessian Empire
1E478 - High King Kjoric, in a revolt against Alessian influence over Skyrim, is defeated by Emperor Goreius at the Battle of Sungard and killed. His son Hoag Merkiller takes the throne
1E482 - High King Hoag, in revenge for his father's death, sides with a Direnni rebellion and is killed in the Battle of Glenumbra Moors by the forces of Emperor Goreius. He is succeeded by Wulfharth of Atmora - named "Tongue of Shor" - and the Alessian Reforms are reversed across Skyrim in a “fiery” reinstatement of the Nordic pantheon
1E498 - Elven power in High Rock is broken and the Bretons become self-determining. The Reach is reconquered by Skyrim and Nordic settlers began to occupy the fertile region
1E533 - High King Wulfharth dies and is succeeded
1E660 - Mauloch, god of the Velothi Mountain Orcs, is defeated at the Battle of Dragon Wall by the Kingdom of Eastmarch and their vassal Kingdom of the Rift, and supposedly causes the Sun’s Death (Red Mountain eruption) and the Year of Winter in Summer (in 1E668)
1E668 - War of the First Council. A reborn Wulfharth (or, in some tellings, Shor) again leads Nordic forces against Morrowind, hoping in the chaos to reclaim Shor’s Heart on Vvardenfell. Vivec destroys Wulfharth’s body utterly, and the Nords are defeated in Morrowind for the final time
1E808 - Ra Gada refugees invade Hammerfell, driving Beastfolk, Nedic and Orcish tribes eastward into the Reach and disrupting the comfortable Nordic settlement there
1E908 - Orsinium is destroyed by combined High Rock and Hammerfell forces. Refugees flee to the Reach and are absorbed into the tribes already living there, given them the strength to once again push the Nordic settlers out of the region
1E1030 - Empress Hestra’s legions conquer the Reach. The Reachman under Faolan (or “Red Eagle”) resist but are quickly defeated
1E1200 - The Dragon Break and Middle Dawn. Alduin awakens early and devours the Kalpa, until Kyne gathers the Nordic pantheon and the entire Nordic race and invades the Dragon’s gullet, forcing Him to regurgitate the world exactly as it had been. Those marked with the Dragon’s bile will go on to be great heroes in other Kalpas
1E2208 - Approximate end of the Middle Dawn. Skyrim is restored to its pre-Dragon Break borders
1E2260 - The Thrassian Plague afflicts Tamriel. Southwestern Skyrim is particularly affected and severely depopulated. The Kingdom of Haafinheim joins the All Flags Navy against Thras
1E2321-2331 - The War of Righteousness.
<1E2703 - Falkreath falls under vassalage of the Nordic High King.
1E2703 - The Akaviri invade Tamriel from the northeast, landing somewhere near the border of Skyrim and Morrowind. With their campaign in Morrowind blocked by the Tribunal, the Tsaesci army cuts through eastern Skyrim and occupies the nominal capital of Kynholm. The western Kingdoms join the confederacy under Reman Cyrodiil and defeat the Akaviri at Pale Pass. With the invasion defeated, Skyrim is made a protectorate of the Reman Empire
1E2704 - The Reach is split between High Rock and Skyrim
1E2714-1E2762 - Increasingly megalomaniacal, Reman orders an invasion of the Nordic Underworld from several points across Skyrim. Most of these sorties return empty-handed, but a few disappear without trace. One party returns with what they claim to be a scrap of the Bearskin of Tsun, which is now held in the Imperial Treasury
1E2804-2805 - The Winterhold Rebellion against the Reman Empire, caused by the ill-treatment of Nordic workers by the Imperial authorities. The conflict never escalates beyond skirmishing, and Reman II (having deposed the unpopular Emperor Kastav) is able to negotiate a peace in the following year
1E2840-2920 - The Four-Score War against Morrowind. Nordic clans and auxiliaries support the Legions fighting in the north, allowing the Empire to focus its forces further south and push as far as Black Gate
1E2920 - The last Reman emperor is killed and the First Era ends
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Post by Tristior » Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:01 am

Second Era
>2E1 - Believing the claims of the Akaviri merely to stewardship of the Empire, Skyrim remains largely loyal to the Potentate for the first century of the Second Era
2E98-186 - The less Imperialised Nordic kingdoms, such as the Rift, Winterhold and Eastmarch, functionally declare their independence from the Cyrodiilic Empire by withholding tribute and expelling Legion recruiters from their borders. Unable to rely on the Imperial peace, these kingdoms become much more militarised and isolationist
2E230 - Much of Tamriel erupts into rebellion against the Akaviri Potentate.
2E283 - When the Kingdom of the Pale joins the separatist Nord kingdoms and the Potentate’s fortress in Danstrar is burned, martial law is declared across the Empire and all non-Imperial forces are ordered to disband. In response, the remaining loyalist Nordic kingdoms join the separatists in open rebellion, viewing this as the final power grab by the supposed Akaviri stewards
2E320 - The Akaviri Potentate emerges victorious against the provincial rebellions, leaving the Imperial Legion as the only military force in the Empire. The Syffim - precursor of the Fighters Guild - is formed
2E324 - The second Akaviri Potentate, Savirien-Chorak, allows the reconstitution of provincial militias, weakening the power of the Legion and central government
2E430 - With the assassination of Savirien-Chorak, the Cyrodiilic Empire collapses and the Interregnum begins
2E430-852 - The Interregnum period. Although there are many claimants to the High Kingship of Skyrim, none are fully recognised and several kingdoms such as the Reach and Whiterun splinter into squabbling Holds and clan territories
2E560-603 - The Knahaten Flu afflicts Tamriel. The disease devastates the northern port kingdoms of Skyrim, and spreads south until all of Skyrim is affected
2E561-563 - Durcorach the Black Drake - supposedly a distant descendant of Faolan - leads a confederacy of Reachman tribes against the splintered Nord holdings in the Reach. Within two years, he has conquered most of the Reach, Whiterun, and northern Falkreath, keeping the peace with hostage-taking from the Nord clans and towns he has defeated
2E563 - Durcorach leads his combined Reachman and Nordic forces south, capturing the poorly-defended Imperial city and declaring himself Emperor of Tamriel. He is the first of the so-called Longhouse Emperors, although his control of Colovia and the Nibenay is largely in name only
2E541 - Durcorach is killed in an invasion of Daggerfall, and his son takes the Imperial throne. Lacking the authority conferred by his father’s conquests, and despised at court for his “uncivilised” Reachman ways, his reign is unstable and plagued by intransigence from his Cyrodiilic and Nordic vassals. This second Emperor dies in the same year, and his son Leovic takes the throne. Instability continues to plague the Empire
2E573 - Colovian warlord Varen Aquilarios rebels against Leovic, quickly taking the Imperial City and executing the last Longhouse Emperor. The Nords re-establish themselves north of the Jeralls (with the exception of Falkreath, which is claimed by the Colovian Estates) and drive the Reachmen into the highlands of the Reach
2E852 - The Colovian king of Falkreath, Cuhlecain, successfully unites the Estates under his banner. He allies with the kings of the Reach and Whiterun against the Reachman harassing his northern borders, ultimately sacking the city of Old Hrol’dan with the aid of his general Hjalti. The Reach and Whiterun are incorporated into his growing empire. There is some suggestion that Hjalti, now called Talos, is being guided by the spirit of Wulfharth as part of yet another gambit against the enemies of Shor
2E852 - Fearing the expansion of yet another Cyrodiilic warlord, the Nordic kings of Haafinheim, Eastmarch and the Rift ally with a force of Breton nobles and are defeated by Talos and Cuhlecain at the Sack of Sancre Tor. The defeated Nordic kingdoms submit to Cuhlecain and go on to form the bulk of his armies
2E854 - Combined Nordic and Colovian forces take the Imperial City, leading the Nibenese aristocracy to submit to Cuhlecain. On the eve of his coronation, the victorious warlord is assassinated and his general Talos assumes both the throne and the name Tiber Septim
2E857 - Although they had assisted in the conquest of Cyrodiil, the Nordic kingdoms resisted complete integration into the Septim Empire and were only annexed after a year of bloody conquest
2E895 - Wulfharth’s soul is consumed to power the Numidium, finally destroying the infamous Nordic spirit once and for all
2E896 - Tiber Septim completes his conquest of all Tamriel. The end of the Second Era is declared
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Third Era
3E38 - The death of Tiber Septim and the declaration of Talos’ apotheosis
3E81 - Potema Septim is married at fourteen to King Mantiarco of Solitude
3E99-112 - The reign of Antiochus Septim, beset by insurrection and civil war. Although Skyrim’s High King - the king of Winterhold, elected by the Imperial-controlled Moot - remains loyal to the Ruby Throne, Skyrim itself falls into infighting and rebellion between the different holds and kingdoms
3E112 - The wealthy kingdom of Haafinheim is inherited by Potema’s Imperialised son Uriel Mantiarco, who takes the name Septim to support his dubious claim on the Tamrielic Empire. Haafingar assumes its Imperial name of Solitude, and Uriel is able (through his wealth and his mother’s deft political manoeuvering) to convince the kings of High Rock and the Councillors of Houses Redoran, Hlaalu and Dres to join a rebellion against his cousin Empress Kintyra. Kintyra is taken captive in Iliac Bay and supposedly executed
3E121 - Uriel finally captures the Imperial City and declares himself Emperor Uriel III Septim
3E121-127 - War of the Red Diamond. High Rock defects from Uriel’s coalition and joins the forces of Cephorus and Magnus Septim, the brothers of Potema and the more popular claimants to the throne. Uriel’s only support across Tamriel comes from Skyrim, Morrowind and parts of the Nibenay
3E127 - Uriel III is killed by rioters in Hammerfell, leading Cephorus I to assume the throne. Although this is the formal end of the War of the Red Diamond, Cephorus’ reign is spent fighting the forces of his sister Potema the Wolf Queen. By this time, Morrowind and the rest of Skyrim are fully integrated back into the Empire, and only Solitude, along with its significant holdings in the Reach, holds out (thanks to the power of Potema’s sorcery and necromancy)
3E137 - Potema is finally defeated by Imperial forces and the siege of Solitude is broken. Haafinheim is granted to Thoriz (later Pelagius III) Septim and Potema’s holdings in the Reach are ceded to Hammerfell
3E247 - Andorak, son of Uriel IV, is disinherited by the Elder Council upon his father’s death, and the Imperial Throne passes to Cephorus II - the jarl of a wealthy hold in Haafinheim who is considered to have a stronger tie to the Septim bloodline. Andorak rebels against this decision and rallies his Breton powerbase against Cephorus’ legions and Nordic clansmen
3E249 - The War of the Camoran Usurper leads to Valenwood conquering much of western Tamriel, largely unopposed due to Cephorus’ determination to stamp out Andorak’s High Rock rebellion
3E256 - Andorak is formally granted the Breton kingdom of Shornhelm and Imperial authority over High Rock in return for an armistice and aid against the Camoran Usurper
3E267 - Andorak’s united Breton forces finally defeat the Usurper. The perceived weakness of the Imperial Legions during the war lead to provincial dissent, although Skyrim remains loyal to Emperor Cephorus
3E389-399 - The Imperial Simulacrum. Uriel VII Septim is imprisoned and impersonated by the Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn, whose agents ensure his complete control over the Empire. However, his misrule leads to civil war and insurrection across Tamriel
3E397 - King Vongyd of the Reach declares the War of Bend’r-mahk against the Crown tomba of Karthwasten, as well as several Breton cities, and his march of conquest is only halted by the siege of Dragonstar.
3E399 - The Imperial Simulacrum ends and the Nordic occupation of Dragonstar is relieved by the Imperial Legion, leading to the division of the city between the Crowns and the Kingdom of the Reach. The present-day borders of Skyrim are established and Imperial authority is reasserted, although Redguard resistance continues throughout the Reach to this day
3E427 - Thian, King of Haafinheim and High King of Skyrim, has designs on both the kingdoms of Skyrim and Imperial territory beyond it. His control of the Pale through marriage and meddling in the succession of the Reach demonstrate the danger he presents to Skyrim as a passive Imperial subject
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Post by Infragris » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:41 pm

Couple of notes:
  • 1E240 I would edit this to clarify the situation of the Nibenay: right now it sounds like the Nords conquered it entirely, before the Alessian Rebellion even began. IMO Nordic influence over the south worked through tenuous vassalage over the Emperors and through direct control over Artemon, Bruma, and Cheydinhal (until 1E420 at least).
  • 1E243 Historic anachronism. Going by the in-game sources (Song of Pelinal, Frontier, Conquest, Accommodation) was a historic border land inhabited by the "men-of-Kreath" (a creole Cyro-Nordic tribe) so it would not be considered a part of the Nordic Empire with a Jarl and everything. Also keep in mind the Kreathi were one of the tribes partially enslaved by the Ayleids, so the local motivation wouldn't just be "expand Nordic influence", it would be closer to that of the other tribes: freedom.
  • 1E243 Related to the above, this is a much too modern "nation-state" take on the 'kreath. IMO Falkreath was not, nor had it ever been, a part of the Nordic Empire up till this point. From a Nordic POV, it would be no different than the other holdings they had in the northern Nibenay, or even the Reach. I would put the first date on which the region became fully part of Skyrim somewhere in the First Interregnum, with it being reconquered by Reman during the Second Empire, and remaining part of Colovia up until the Tiber Wars.
  • In general, I would depict the Nordic assistance in the Rebellion as a group of warlords and mercenaries acting semi-independently from the actual Nordic kings and jarls.
  • 1E2321-2331 Actually the reverse, I think. I would say that the escalation of the War of Righteousness in the north was due to west-Breton kingdoms allied to the Olomans since the All-Flag navy giving them military support. The Alessians retaliated by sending their legions north through the Reach, which was a part of their Empire ever since the conquests of Hestra. The end result also wasn't so much a case of one party destroying the other, as it was a case of mutually assured destruction. The War of Righteousness is a pretty key part of Imperial history, so I'd like to get it right. I'll write something about it soon-ish, for now, please hold.
  • As I noted on Discord, the Cyrodiil timeline on the forums is out of date. Please use the wiki timelines:

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