Woolypillar creature concepts and ideas

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Woolypillar creature concepts and ideas

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A collection of Wooly Caterpillar ideas and concepts by various artists, so that these don't get lost to time:

By Ateiggaer:

By C0dacanon:

Notes on Woolypillars:
  • Once they start to turn into their adult form (Woolymoths), they turn wild and untamable.
  • Woolypillar products are used throughout the Orc mountain-ranges;
    1. Woolypillar silk which is excreted from their mouth; which is primarily used as a glueing/stitching agent similar to leafcutter ants.
    2. Woolypillar 'Wool/Fur' can be harvested for clothing, bedding and insulation material.
    3. By cutting soft tissue of the woolymooth, Orcs in frigid conditions can warm themselves up by drinking warm hemolymph (equivalent to blood), which to my knowledge is also equally done with yaks in Mongolia. The wound clots up quickly enough.
    4. The rarest ingredient is honeydew, a sugary excretion that is generated when eating plant matter. Relative to its body-size very little is produced
  • Woolypillars are mostly used as beasts of burden/pack animals, similar to yaks and llamas (kind of).
  • The only way to obtain Woolypillars is by obtaining their eggs/larvae from a woolymoth's nest, a highly dangerous endeavor. Most of the time this is done by the weaker but nimbler Orcs of a tribe.
  • They might bond with Orcs, either through imprinting or using some maternal pheromone in its initial stages.
  • Woolypillars generally have long lifespans before cocooning, a lot of them can reach up to 15 years.
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