[Creature] Illyadi

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[Creature] Illyadi

Post by ThomasRuz »

Illyadi creature made by me, based off of the concepts made by Sain_Jiub and me, with an attempt at a more Eldritch twist.

The mesh is essentially finished, the mesh was made from a sculpt and retopo'ed. The detail was baked from the sculpt. UV-ing was done, and textures (4K and 512px) have been made

Because of it being a creature animations still need to be made for it, it also needs to be turned into the NIF format, etc.

Full body texture
(12.32 MiB) Downloaded 33 times
Mesh in OBJ format
(157.61 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
Texture for the eyes
Texture for the eyes
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