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Hi people, long time no see. So yea, its been quite a while since I was last around and I am suprised I hadnt actually made an account here before.

Where have I been? Well I got a job, bought a car, bought a house, renovated said house, etc etc. Yea, life happens. Nope, the renovation isnt quite over yet.

But, did the project really slow down after I "left"; I never really officially left, I just kinda drifted away. I decided to check back here on the eve of me needing to move into said house now that the floors are being refinished. And I can say that I am not seeing tons of activity but I am flattered that my name was mentioned as a lead earlier this year even though I have practically been absent for like 2-3. Although I was not completely unreachable should someone have wanted to reach me.

Am I coming back? Yes, I do think about it every now and then and its a matter of taking the time. Previously I sorta burned myself out making stuff to where I simply just couldnt sit there and do it; tried opening up the program a few times only to close it feeling stuck/frustrated/bored, yea, just couldnt bring myself to continue and knew I would need cool down. But every now and then I get an itching to make something. So while I cant say yes with certainty, I would say I would like to sometime.
On a side note, someone decided to import my models in skyrim and added some proper mapping and damn! I do good work haha. I did try to make them future proof after all.

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Post by Scamp »

Welcome back, Tarius. To be honest - I didn't have the impression you had been gone for this long. Time flies as they say.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your real life and hope to see you contributing once more in the future!

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Post by worsas »

Hey Tarius,

if you ever wish to return and contribute, there will be a place for you around here. Some people were inquiring about your Ayleid assets in the meantime, btw.

My own activity has dropped drastically in the recent weeks and months without prospect of becoming more in foreseeable future. If you ever manage to come back into business, you are likely to be a big help to P:C or SHOTN, if you wish so.

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