Matin Sanguine from TR here

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Matin Sanguine
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Matin Sanguine from TR here

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Hello, I'm Matin Sanguine, an interiors modder for Tamriel Rebuilt since 2012.

Anyway, I was hoping for the chance to be able to contribute to Project: Tamriel, and thus ask to be promoted to an interiors position here in order to do so. I'm not entirely sure what the process for this is exactly for Project: Tamriel, so on @SGMonkey's suggestion I decided to create a forum post to introduce myself and link to some of my older work on TR (including my original showcase thread) to show some of my capabilities.

My original showcase thread: ... highlight=" onclick=";return false;

My claim for i5-79-Red:" onclick=";return false;

I was going to show my old i3-50-ind claim that I'm rather proud of (though I built off of @Osidian's work, which was extremely well done), but I'm afraid the forum thread for it is dead.

PS: Thanks @SGMonkey for offering some clarification over the IRC

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Post by Scamp »

Hey ho,

welcome to the P:T forums. Thanks for linking to your TR thread, makes it easier for me to find it. Indeed, if you're a TR modder that is your free pass. I'll add you to the modder group. There should be plenty of claims in the "unclaimed" section of the P:C subforum. You may also take ShotN claims. Just post in the appropriate thread to claim something, there's no fancy claim browser like the one TR has.

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Hello and welcome onboard!

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Post by Luxray »

Hello and welcome :)
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