[Book] The Imgan Kingdom

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[Book] The Imgan Kingdom

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The Imgan Kingdom, Rise and Fall

Many scholars know of the Imga States of Valenwood, isolated from the Empire and scattered throughout the sylvan jungles of the Bosmer. While it not uncommon to see an occasional Imga trader visiting the great cities of Valenwood, most notably Falinesti or Southpoint, they are an enigma to much of the outside world. What is known, is that they had settled much of what we now refer to as Valenwood by the early Merethic Era, as well as parts of Cyrodiil and Elsweyr, and that their tribal nature left them incapable of defending their territories from the Khajiiti and Centauri opposition.

The Centauri herds across the modern western provinces were nomadic in nature, any Imga State that could have been founded within Hammerfell or north-northwest Colovia would have been quickly decimated by physically stronger and faster Centaurs in the area. The Khajiiti tribes on the other hand, were not only quickly expanding their reach, but also fighting among themselves for much of that time, allowing the Imga to settle part of Elsweyr, though only for brief intervals; Until they were driven out once again, only to return years later.

One belief among the Imga people is that the Imga territories stretched all the way out to modern Lake Rumare, and south-east to Blackwood. There has been no evidence of these wild claims unearthed over the millenia, and the farthest ruins of Imga settlements discovered so far as been in western West Weald and a bit into Pellitine. That, of course, hasn't stopped the Imga from proclaiming themselves to have had the first great Empire on Tamriel, long before the Ayleid settled the Niben and eventually drove them out of Cyrodiil.

By the late-Middle Merethic Era, the Ayleids had built their cities across much of Cyrodiil, and on a night that the Imga refer to as "The Night of Collapse", the great under-tower of Gat'hagoor fell into itself by the hands of the Ayleidi magicks. Every year to this day, the Imga plant tokens of sap and bone beneath the soil below their states in mourning. With Gat'hagoor gone, only the great state of Tarboorgai remained as the sole commanding state of the Imga in Valenwood, a state that still exists to this day.

By the late Merethic era, the Ayleid Sorcerer-Kings along the Strid River had made continued attempts to conquer the remaining Imga within the heart of the jungles, but had seen enough resistance by the creatures of Valenwood to make it difficult to proceed quickly. There was another problem brewing for the Ayleids, however, the Sorcerer-King of Olynavrien had been slain, and the Bosmeri Treethane Arenth Thorimil took over his palace. Furthermore, the Bosmer began to grow in number, living within the forests. And finally, the First Tree, Falinesti, had begun wandering the province, and Orcish settlers began appearing along Valenwood's coasts. This sudden change proved too much for the Ayleids to descend deeper into the province, leading to the Ayleid Ruins of today only appearing in the northern parts of the province.

The Imga may have survived thanks to the surge of non-Ayleid elven settlers, but those settlers would be the doom of what little empire they had left. Eplear Camoran would soon unite the province and form a new empire of Bosmer under the Imga States' nose, the Orcs therein followed the Camoran's rule of law, becoming the prominent trade partners of the Camoran Dynasty for much of the early first era, and any straggling states left over in Elsweyr were snuffed out permanently by the Mane and his Khajiiti warriors.

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