General timeline of the origins of Bosmer

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General timeline of the origins of Bosmer

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General timeline for the origins of Bosmer:

-The Aldmer settlers arrive in Haset Hyarnai, the marsh is unforgiving and many die from hostile conditions. They push on hoping that there must be something better deeper into the wilderness. They eventually get into the Elden Grove and set up shop there on the southern edges. Establishing the first settlement in Valenwood (Greenheart).

-Y'ffre shows up and scolds them, they apologize and the men go out to give offerings to the First Tree (Falinesti) as recompense.

-For the next few decades their camp-village of Greenheart grows, as more and more generations visit the First Tree, a shrine begins to form, which turns into a village, etc. The Elden Grove Shrine (whose name I've yet to come up with) is the second settlement of Valenwood.

-Years go by and the settlers numbers are depleting rapidly, disease spreads through the colonists, ravaging entire families within weeks. Many have been inbreeding, while others have been breeding with the Nymphs and Satyrs and all other manner of spirits and Beastfolk. The Aldmer of Summurset see this as a doomed experiment and the settlers as fools (not that they were "pro-mainland settlement" to begin with, but this situation the settlers have brought themselves into proves the Aldmer were right in their eyes).

-Most of the original Aldmer settlers are dead, their vast majority of the children being malformed mer-beasts. Constantly shifting in appearance and desires. Those that remain are dying of a multitude of diseases and they're out of options in the hostile environments. Many are praying to the Earthbones, to Auri-el, asking them to save them, but things aren't improving.

-A young Aldmer heads out of the Elden Grove village in search for something, anything, that could save his people. He heads north. For months, he searches for any alchemical ingredients, or for other signs of civilization, he finds no solution. He breaks down on the southern banks of the River Ooze, too tired and sickly to stand. Waiting for the disease to take him, the vines and foliage begin to twist and turn before his eyes, the canopy transforms into a mer made of the Green. It was the avatar of Y'ffre, made of leaf and branch, offering his aid.

-This offer was for the young, nameless Aldmer to take on the deformities of his people, to become one with his people and to transform into them. And so long as they take care of the Green and do not harm it, and that they may not let any beast or mer go to waste, he may act as an ambassador to the god, and absorb their burdens for as long as they respect this Green Pact. He accepted of course. Signing his life and soul to the Forest God. And from that day onward he become known as The Silvenar, and his people became whole again. They would be Aldmer no more, for they have a new champion, a new savior spirit. They would be known as the Bos-Mer. The Ones with the Green.

-The Aldmeri settlers that had been turned into Bosmer remember a time when all things were formless, this time was The Ooze, yet this supposed time is never recorded in other cultures. This leads the now-Bosmer to believe that they are the only ones who remember such chaotic times, that the other races were simply not in-tune with the world the same way as the Bosmer are. The actual cause of this memory is that of a cacophonous state of being the Aldmeri settlers had endured during transition. The Bosmer are the only ones who remember because they were the only ones effected, but it did not last a lifetime nor was it the beginning of the universe - instead it was over in a moment, but in that moment a multitude of contradictory forms and knowledge had been true, that moment lasted forever, and the world of these Bosmer is not the same one that the Aldmeri settlers lived in. This would be The Now, the time of Y'ffre and his herald The Silvenar.

-Some time later, Falinesti chooses to uproot itself for unknown reasons, though it is commonly believed to be a result of the citizens disrespecting the Green (Even the most silver tongued Root-Speakers have yet to coax a definitive answer from the Great Oak since). The First Tree is now free to walk the Garden of Y'ffre as it pleases, but in doing so, Falinesti's decision had caused a massive sinkhole that swallowed the shrine-city whole. Nothing is left of that city but a few entrances in the greater Elden Grove that only a select few know of.

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