Factions found within Valenwood

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Factions found within Valenwood

Post by Violet » Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:38 am

Imperial Factions

Mages Guild

Fighters Guild

Thieves Guild

Imperial Legion

Imperial Cult

Wharf Rats
A gang of pirates, scoundrels, mobsters, and loansharks, this faction is the primary rival for the Thieves Guild throughout the Empire, at least it was during the Simulacrum. After the end of the Simulacrum, many Thieves Guild operatives sought to destroy the Wharf Rats while the Empire began cracking down on the wars and illegal activities. Within a year, the Wharf Rats - which had began in Valenwood and Elsweyr - have now been all but eliminated from Tamriel, with only major territories in Valenwood and Elsweyr remaining. It's said there may be small cells within Summurset, Black Marsh, and Nibenay, but these rumors are currently unsubstantiated. Their base of operations, typically fronting as warehouses and ferry boats, can be found in Emperor's Run, Virimoor, Woodhearth, Vullain, and Southpoint. There are rumors that certain banks are indebted to them, or even fronts to them, and while they show general disdain for the Dark Brotherhood - who often murders clients and members of theirs - they have been known to hire the Brotherhood to clean up particularly "exposed" messes.
Dark Brotherhood

East Empire Company
Not Joinable. Only a small presence can be found within Haven, Emperor's Run, and Virimoor where the EEC holds a warehouse. Generally uninterested in the goings on of the province, they tend to stick to the ports.
Bosmeri/local factions

Ruling Bosmeri Tribes

Thorimil Tribe
The Thorimil Tribe has existed before the Eplear ushered in the first era and, as far as they're concerned, will exist long after the Camoran Dynasty falls. The Thorimil Tribe is the ruling tribe of the Kingdom of Arenthia and is the tribe which the town of Thorimil is named after. Currently, their Treethane is King Coman Thorimil of the Codriel branch of the tribe, with the Larelerva, Tanis, Karorim, and Nilevor branches acting as the local lords and advisers to the Kingdom's lesser settlements as well as Arenthian ambassadors to the surrounding Kingdoms and Cyrodiilic Counties. The Thorimils take great pride in their ancestry and unlike other Bosmeri tribes - have formed rigid social structures based on the tribe's branches. They are as arrogant as they are clever with both tongue and magic. They believe that image is the key to any level of persuasion, and first impressions are key to any deal. As such, they vehemently defend their King's public image and maintain a strong barrier between themselves and those who wish to tarnish their reputation. They are the sons and daughters of the great King Arenth of Thorimil - first king of the Bosmer, and they make sure to let everyone know it.

This boasting isn't unwarranted, however. For most of Arenthia's life it's been the wealthiest Kingdom in Valenwood, even out earning the capital of the province in some stretches of time. Though it has faced steep competition with Southpoint in the early third era. Thanks to their ancestry having a fair bit of Ayleidi blood, they are exceptional mages and have taken advantage of those magickal secrets to great effect. They have ingrained themselves in all affairs of political and financial decisions of Valenwood, and thanks to the business savvy Thorimils, Arenthia has enjoyed a large amount of autonomy in most of the Camoran Dynasty's history.
Calobar Tribe

(Ruling Tribe of Eldenroot Kingdom.)

Krisilthi Tribe

(Ruling Tribe of Southpoint Kingdom)

Forrayn Tribe

(Ruling Tribe of Greenheart Kingdom)

Valekyl Tribe

(Ruling Tribe of Haven Kingdom)

Camoran Tribe

(Ruling Tribe of both Falinesti and Valenwood as a whole)
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Post by Undertaker » Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:16 am

East Empire Company? East!? In Valenwood? Of course you meant West Empire Company, right?

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Post by Violet » Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:09 pm

Nope, the EEC buildings in VW are essentially just warehouses the EEC uses to store imported goods from BM/MW before they're shipped to Summurset/Colovia/southern Hammerfell (only if the goods come from BM for southern Hammerfell, the EEC trade route from Morrowind -> Hammerfell would go along Skyrim/High Rock). Their inclusion here is based on Infragris's EEC doc, and as I said they're not joinable and are there (in a very small capacity) for flavor only.

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