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Recruiting 3D modelers and texturers for an Hammerfell project in TES IV Oblivion

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:17 am
by Tomius37
Hello good gents and ladies !

Well this topic seems quite empty... I'll try to populate it :D

First, as you have read, this concerns a mod for TES IV Oblivion... Yeah sorry I know this forum is about TES III projects, but as there seems to have no TES III Hammerfell plan yet, I take advantage of it to propose to you our own TES IV project ;) . Remember the time period of Morrowind and Oblivion are quite close, so you won't be entirely disorientated :D

I'm Tomius37 and since two month or so I'm 50% of the people working on Hammerfell R : The Eastern Grassland, the other 50% (but main leader of the project) being DaggerfallTeam.

This project started as part of the Tamriel Rebuilt project in 2004. It led to the release of the Isle of Stirk in 2009 (, but later this year TR passed over the project to a smaller team led by Lady Nerevar. The work continued, with the release of an alpha in 2010, called Hammerfell : The Eastern Grasslands ( Sadly the project was abandoned in 2011 with the uprising of Skyrim.
In 2013, DaggerfallTeam take over the project, alone for start, then with some help in 2015. The result was the release of Hammerfell R : The Eastern Grasslands in 2015 ( But DaggerfallTeam ended to be alone again in 2016...
I'm fresh to modding from the begining of this year, and after the release of my first mod Ownable Tavern Redone, I wanted to to something useful. I saw Hammerfell R was under construction, so I applied to joined and was warmly welcomed by DaggerfallTeam.

It's still a lot to handle for two people of course ! In particular, I don't know how to handle 3D modeling and texturing. We have a lot of assets left over by the previous teams, but there is still a lot to do ! We so are in search of new assets to implement. For now we completely lack clothes, armor and weapons, and creatures specific to Hammerfell. We'll also have to complete our resources of clutter and furniture, and will later need some architectural work. Textures will also be welcomed (I can't wait to have emblems for the cities of Hammerfell !)

So, if you manage 3D modeling and/or texturing, your help might be welcomed ! If you want to propose thousands of models, or even only one, or want to know how to answer our needs, don't hesitate to contact us ! On Discord ( , DaggerfallTeam is also working on Morroblivion Improved) or in this thread, or on Nexus. We're open minded, so go on !

Re: Recruiting 3D modelers and texturers for an Hammerfell project in TES IV Oblivion

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:02 pm
by Luxray
Hey Tomius,

I don't know if you're aware, but this project shares a fair chunk with TR, Lady N and their associated efforts from the past. Not directly, that is, but the shared history and ethos is pretty similar. It's a little funny that you would come to us in search of additional manpower; reading your layout of the TR Hammerfell history was moderately amusing, as this was all information I personally knew about 10 years ago!

I can't think any of us will be keen to take you up, I'm sorry to say; but never say never; and we appreciate you dropping by with a clear interest in TES things. Feel free to let us know if you have ideas about the province in the respective forum. Or pop by our Discord; there's a link for it somewhere.

Re: Recruiting 3D modelers and texturers for an Hammerfell project in TES IV Oblivion

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:13 pm
by Tomius37
Thanks for the note ! Although the project was TR initially, it is not anymore. I didn't wanted to introduce any competition impression or else :D This being a TES IV Oblivion project I think there wasn't any ;) I know you're more on Morrowind stuff, but a fair dude tell me to ask anyway, we never know !