L:AZ Buildings Guidelines

Homes, shops, taverns, services, offices, etc
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L:AZ Buildings Guidelines

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This sub-forum is dedicated to the creation of benign interiors for settlements or a few in the wilderness. If you are interested in contributing interiors (which I would greatly appreciate!), visit one of the stickied claim topics in this sub-forum and post your intentions to stake a particular claim and I will update the list accordingly. Once you've made a claim, make a new topic here simply titled "User Name's Building Claims" to discuss what you are working on and to attach your claims once complete or WIP and ready for feedback.

I know there are an absolute metric ton of IDs to look through in the MD_Azurian Isles.esm (even I don't remember everything in there which is why there are some with 0 uses...). So feel free to ask about resources or just poke around for a while before starting. I'd like to see unique resources made for the mod being used in interiors to help differentiate them from other projects. And if you see a need while you are modding, just let me know (post your suggestion in the Asset Development sub-forum).

That's it for now. Feel free to ask questions in this thread before starting your own claim thread.

May you find all that you seek, traveller.
-Melchior Dahrk

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