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Miscellaneous - Village Defense

Post by JackTheStripper » Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:32 am

From the old forum.
dirnae wrote:Reading WoT atm, and thought something similar to Perrin Aybara's return to and defense of Emond's Field could work well in High Rock, considering the 'Do great deeds; make yourself a Lord' theme throughout the province.

Haven't though it through, just jotting a premise down quickly:
-You find a village, which hasn't seen a taxman or patrol in years. It's a peaceful farming area, with farms spread out and a small trading hub, and the people keep to themselves.

-Something happens to provoke an attack from a group of creatures (goblins, centuars, minotaurs or something). Perhaps the player has something to do with it, maybe he fetches something from a lair at the behest of a suspicious resident of the town, bringing the wrath of the group on the area.

-Outer farms are burned, and with no patrolmen there's no much the farmers can do to stop them. The player has the choice of stepping in.

-You convince the farmers to all concentrate into the trading hub, for safety in numbers. New housing is built, along with defenses; the surrounding woodland is cut down and a hedge of stakes surrounding the town is constructed from the logs. Villagers start looking to the player as a leader, calling him 'Lord'. One of the farmers used to be a soldier, and starts instructing them on how to use their hunting bows in real combat. You can tell the blacksmith what weapons to make for close combat perhaps. Could have to fetch the metal for it too, but tbh I don't like the idea of any bollocksing around.
A banner for the town and it's ragtag army is made, have a choice of three animals perhaps.

-The attack: the creatures come in from the woodland in small waves. You're coming outside from the inn after hearing shouts, and a lot of creatures already lay dead outside the stake barricade with arrows peppered in them (to give the impression of a larger fight than actually possible). The leader of the creatures has made it into the town with a group of more creatures, and is fighting villagers. You kill them all, duh.

-You're made Lord of the town, a small manor is made, and the village is peaceful once more. Maybe the smith makes you a nice breastplate with your banner animal engraved into the metal. The weaver could make you a tunic with it emblazoned on too.
SGMonkey wrote:I like this idea a lot. The idea of being able to build up a small settlement without being too cliché is a cool idea. Perhaps drag it out a bit so you don't become the lord over night. One thing we need to bare in mind is that the attack needs to be happening when the player is around, so perhaps it will be scripted to trigger only when the player is in the town, or instead maybe have a messenger appear and let you know about it.

I like the idea of being able to choose a banner, maybe someone makes a book with various choices. Out of 3 would be enough. Then perhaps whatever you don't choose would appear elsewhere. Maybe 2 other settlements spring up after yours, they wouldn't need to necessarily be rammed in the players face, but you may see them around High Rock as you travel around. Make it so that you can have any 1 of them, maybe only 1 at a time, or you could possibly capture the others. (may be a bit too much though)

One thing I always kinda had in mind is that at the beginning of the game, or as you are a low level, no money or whatever, I want it to be very difficult to acquire somewhere to live. i.e. I don't want the player with enough cash to be able to walk into Wayrest and just buy a house outright. Housing is scarce, let alone nice accommodation. You'd need to be a well respected individual in order to purchase a nice house, and I don't mean like its don't in TESV, I like that idea, but needs to be more in-depth.
Lastly, I think it could make it very immersive if you could sell your house (for a fraction of what you paid for it of course) or even lose your house if sent to jail. Depending on the severity. Say you stole a sweet role you'd only get a small bounty, but say you got a large bounty for killing someone, you'd have your house taken and you'd get put in prison for a long time (same as vanilla)

Anyway, all that last part probably could have been posted elsewhere but your post got me to thinking.

Anyway, love your idea.
dirnae wrote:Yeah, it does need dragging out and balancing.
It can be dragged out while construction is going on, you could have to take out a scout, or do various other things while the town is built up to stave off an attack.

Balance with either danger or gold I guess. Gold for soldier equipment I guess, or danger being that the entry quest is really fuckin hard (if we went with the suspicious fetch quest, have it guarded by whatever creatures attack the town).

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