Daedric Quests

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Daedric Quests

Post by JackTheStripper » Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:10 am

Information regarding Daedric Quests consolidated from the old forums.

Although no Daedric shrines appear in Daggerfall the game, the Daedric Princes can be summoned, and there are quests available for them.
After talking to SG we thought it might be interesting to have shrines and quests for the Daedric Princes who do not appear in Morrowind:
Hermaeus Mora

Nocturnal and Clavicus Vile do not have shrines in Morrowind but their associated artifacts can be received in other ways.

Hircine and associated artifacts appear in Bloodmoon.

However for some of the Daedric quests in Morrowind, the artifact received is not that which is usually associated with the Daedric Prince for example when completing Sheogorath's quest you receive the Spear of Bitter Mercy and not the Wabbajack. Because of this we thought of putting in these Daedric Princes and perhaps receiving the artifact most associated with them, therefore not breaking lore in Morrowind, and not receiving a unique artifact twice.

These are the Daedric Princes I think we should include and which artifact you should recieve.
Not in Morrowind at all:
Hermaeus Mora - Ogham Infinium
Namira - Ring of Namira
Sanguine - Sanguine Rose
Vaermina - Skull of Corruption

In Morrowind but different artifact recieved:
Mephala - Ebony Blade
Sheogorath - Wabbajack

Meridia, Peyrite, Clavicus Vile and Nocturnal are not in Morrowind but their artifacts can be obtained in other ways.
So maybe new artifacts for these, and the Daedric Princes already in Morrowind?

Regarding clashes with other mods, the shrines themselves wouldn't be a problem as they are found pretty much everywhere; the main concern is having duplicates of unique items.
SamirA wrote:I imagine TR is making these same daedric princes have shrines in Morrowind, so in the end they will be all over anyway. It makes sense since there are shrines to them in Skyrim and Cyrodiil as well. As for new artifacts I don't think it would be much for a Daedra to create more stuff and it is strange if all of them are found in one province anyway. I think it is a must to create some new items else some provinces will be devoid of things for the player to search for.
TerrifyingDaedricFoe wrote:At P:C we're going to have quests for every Daedra Prince. Here's the list of rewards we've decided upon so far so you there's no duplication (most of them are new artefacts anyway, but I thought I should let you know).

Clavicus Vile - Flask of Lillandril
Hircine - Hunter's Bow, Arrows of Hircine (new artefacts)
Malacath - Choppa / Big Choppa (new artefact)
Meridia - Meridia's Shield (new artefact)
Molag Bal - Gaze of Molag Bal (new artefact)
Sanguine - Sanguine Rose (possibly)
Sheogorath - Staff of the Everscamp

The Ohgma Infiwhatsit disappears as soon as you read it, right? So it could be the reward for any and all province mods that decide to include a Hermy Mora quest? As long as the quests are suitable difficult to justify the uber reward.
SGMonkey wrote:One thing that I think could be pretty cool later on when a few of our lovely province mods are released, is some cross mod mods. Say for example you were in Cyrodiil and completed Sheogorath's quest and earned yourself the Wabbajack, then journeyed to High Rock or Skyrim and summoned him again, he would give you a different response, maybe even another quest. (Just a thought. Wishful thinking more than anything)
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Post by JackTheStripper » Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:12 am

One idea I did have was about Nocturnal. I was really annoyed when I received the Skeleton Key from Gentleman Jim Stacey at the end of the Thieves Guild questline, simple because it had only 50 uses. To me a Daedric artifact wouldn't just break after 50 uses, therefore I thought it might be more rewarding if Nocturnal appeared in High Rock, and after completing her quest she presented you with an unbreakable Skeleton Key, explaining that any others, i.e. the one found in Morrowind, must be fake replicas of the real thing.

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Post by TerrifyingDaedricFoe » Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:16 pm

I think that's the general consensus about the vanilla skeleton key.

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Post by Tes96 » Wed Jun 24, 2015 12:57 pm

I'm all for creating new artifacts for all the daedra. Lore-wise, the Daedric Princes would probably have countless artifacts, each one suited to the desires of the quest-seeker. Otherwise, a daedric prince like Nocturnal wouldn't get that many patrons because most people of Tamriel are just normal people who don't have any need for breaking into homes. It makes total sense for thief players in the game, though.
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