Jehanna overarching questline write-up

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Jehanna overarching questline write-up

Post by ThomasRuz » Tue May 21, 2019 11:34 am

The situation: After the War of Bend’r-Mahk, Thian’s Empire holds what was the previously independent city-state of Jehanna. In 3e 427 tensions rise once more as the anointed Jarl of the Western Reach, seeks to expand into the territory of Evermore, and lay waste to the Reachmen who have plagued his countrymen. The situation grows dire as the exiled Witch-Knights of Jehanna have re-emerged, and have shown their zealous devotion to take back what was once their own. With the military expansionist Evermore in tow, these three parties will fight for supremacy. Who will rule Jehanna?

The Witch-Knights of Jehanna: Lead by the estranged son of the Jehannan royal family, the Witch-Knights of Jehanna have long sought to claim back their home. First only active in spreading fear and dissent, their devotion has become increasingly radical, the time for action has arrived. As an Order without a home, they reside inside of the old forgotten walkways that tunnel through the Western Reach. In old tradition there is speak of a great power that was wielded by the great Witch-Kings of old, the wrath of nature that terrorized the world of the Old Bretic, a threat that was vanquished only by the alliance of the western kingdoms. Time has come to unearth that godly power from the ancient rites, the hags and the tombs, to liberate Jehanna, and institute the old ways.

The Jarldom of the Western Reach: The war of the Bend’r-Mahk was won, victory claimed Jehanna and further territory. It has been years since the war came to a stalemate, and both sides are biding their time. Who knew that controlling a territory that is resistant to your efforts would be so hard? The Jarldom is tasked with keeping a rebellious local population in check, and at the same time satisfying the demands of King Thian. All the while continued efforts by Evermore and the Witch-Knights are made to make sure to undermine the Nord occupation. Meanwhile war efforts, small scale raids, and extortion are being performed to effectively subdue the population, and further the goals of King Thian, in the attempt to create a large, unified, Nordic Empire.

Magisterial council of Evermore: The Magisterial council of Evermore consists out of the greatest (backstabbing) authoritative magicians in the Western Reach, bent on emulating and creating a force equal to that of the Direnni Hegemony. Great caution must be made, as there are powerstruggles, both outside and within. With increased pressure on the front lines with Jehanna to the east, and the Wayrest-Orsinium alliance on the west, the magisters of Evermore might have to set aside their differences to achieve the utopian world they desire.

Order of the Tower: “We are but pions: The sacrifice that is necessary to overcome the enemy”. The Order of the Tower is a very rigid and stoic order, tasked with the defence of Evermore's people and unruly Magistrate. In a system that is full of chaotic powerstruggles, the Order of the Tower is the clear voice that guides the Evermorians. But will they be able to withstand the corruption that permeates through Evermore's halls?

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