Asylum's Jehenna Region Quests

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Asylum's Jehenna Region Quests

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Inn trouble

- Location: ‘The Black Boar” on the road between Jehenna and Farrun (closer to Jehenna)
- NPC 1: Gwynin Amernis / Bar Maiden (Quest giver) / Breton
- NPC 2: Meranis / Guard / Breton

The local bar maiden is being harassed by a guard which frequently visits the establishment. Speak to him and get him to back off. 1. Persuade him. 2. Knock his ass down hand to hand. 3. Make him disappear.


The Quest is initiated when you talk to Gwynin, the bar maiden of the Black Boar Inn

Topic “The Black Boar”
: It’s a nice place to work we mostly get some traders that are passing by and once in a while an adventurer. Oh and the guards that travel the road between Jehenna and Farrun. They mostly behave when they stop by for a drink.
All except for that creep Meranis.

Topic “Meranis”: He is one of the guards, a rude one. He keeps staring at me and makes rude comments. I wish someone would make him stop.

Topic “Make him stop”: I would appreciate it but be careful he is never alone the guards usually travel in a group of three. And you know how they are.

Walk the road between Jehenna and Farrun until you come up on some guards and talk to Meranis.
Topic Gwynin: I have a message from Gwynin. Maybe we could have some privacy so I can give it to you
Get the guard away from his buddies and talk to him again.

Option 1: Gwynin would like you to stop your behavior.
(If speechcraft/personality is high enough he listens and leaves the girl alone.)
Option 2: I have got 100 gold that says you can get your drinks somewhere else
Option 3: My two friends here say you better leave Gwynin alone.
Hand to hand combat

Go back to Gwynin and tell her that Meranis will not bother her again.

Receive a drink on the house.

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