Current Situation in High Rock, as of 3E 427

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Current Situation in High Rock, as of 3E 427

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High Rock 427 takes place at the same time as TES III: Morrowind (obviously) - 427th year of the Third Era, the late years of the Septim Empire, 10 years after TES II: Daggerfall and 28 years after TES: Arena.

So then what's the current situation? Most of the info we have is from these sources: ... /High_Rock ... n/Orsinium
(note: written in 3E432)
(note: written some time after Morrowind) ... eleton-man ... Empire_v_3

1. Iliac Bay region suffered numerous cataclysms, such as titanic storms and vast forest fires, during the Warp, with the areas between the main powers (Daggerfall, Wayrest, Orsinium) suffering the most.
2. High Rock is now divided between the states of Daggerfall, Wayrest, Orsinium, Camlorn, Northpoint and Evermor, all of them still being the Empire's vassals. Occasional border skirmishes still take place.
3. The Empire pushes for the interpretation of these events as divine intervention of Stendarr, Mara and Akatosh. Yet, the existence of Numidium becomes more known among the general population and Arcturian Heresy gets more widespread.
4. The Underking died. It's unknown what happened to his agent network.
5. Mannimarco became the God of Worms, and is now worshipped by the Sload and necromancers in general.
6. Princess Elysana of Wayrest became the Queen of Wayrest after outmaneuvering Helseth and Barenziah (!!) following the death of her father, King Eadwyre. Allies with Orsinium.
7. King Gothryd still rules Daggerfall, plans to unite his kingdom with Camlorn, possibly plans to legalize Necromancy.
8. King Gortwog tries to replace Malacath cult with one of Trinimac, is opposed by tribal orcs. Allies with Wayrest.
9. The city of Jehenna is still occupied by Skyrim since the war of Bend'r Mahk.
10. Medora Direnni rules in the Adamantium Tower.
11. Uriel Lariat's descendants still rule in Shornhelm.

Please comment if you think something of note should be added to this list.

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