High Rock Flora

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High Rock Flora

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A consolidated version of discussions regarding High Rock flora, taken from the old forums.

Although you cannot harvest ingredients from plants in the game Daggerfall, I think you should be able to in this version of High Rock, just like in Morrowind, preferably using a mod such as graphic herbalism.

These are not all the ingredients available in the game Daggerfall, only the ones which I thought seemed reasonable to assume come from flora/vegetation, therefore suggesting some ideas into plants/trees needed. Obviously there will be more than this, from Morrowind, other province mods et cetara I just thought this was a good start.

Aloe Vera - harvested ingredient termed Aloe.
Amber - could possible be harvested from a type of tree as in Shivering Isles the game.
Black Poppy (found in the mountains of Hammerfell - Special Flora of Tamriel by Hardin)
Black Rose
Domica Redwort - harvested ingredient termed Redwort Flower.
Ginkgo Tree - harvested ingredient termed Ginkgo Leaves (found along the banks of rivers and lakes in Hammerfell - Special Flora of Tamriel by Hardin) (This book also states that an increase stamina potion can be created by mixing Aloe and Ginkgo, perhaps suggesting this plant can be found in some parts of High Rock also)
Golden Poppy
Green Berries
Green Leaves

Nectar - harvested maybe in a potion bottle, similar to the Frostbite Spider Venom in Skyrim and Fabricants in Tribunal.
Pine Branch - possible harvested from Pine trees, most notably the cold mountain areas.
Red Berries
Red Flowers
Red Poppy
Red Rose
Root Bulb
Root Tendrils
White Poppy
(found in the mountains of Hammerfell - Special Flora of Tamriel by Hardin)
White Rose
Yellow Berries
Yellow Flowers
Yellow Rose

The majority of this information comes from here.

Apart from the few I have put in brackets, taken from the book - Special Flora of Tamriel by Hardin, I can't find any lore on which ingredients come from High Rock and which from Hammerfell. Some seem fairly obvious, such as cacti being native to Hammerfell; others such as the black and white poppies supposedly found in the mountains of Hammerfell, would not seem too out of place in High Rock in my opinion.

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Post by JackTheStripper »

How Orsinium Passed to the Orcs by Menyna Gsost, gives us this passage:

'A liquor of poppies and goose fat, and cock tinsh with buttered hyssop for a first course; roasted pike, combwort, and balls of rabbit meat for a second; sliced fox tongues, ballom pudding with oyster gravy, battaglir weed and beans for the main course; collequiva ice and sugar fritters for dessert.'

The words in bold are things which I think could potential be ingredients and/or plants found in High Rock. Whilst this feast takes place in High Rock, it is possible some ingredients were imported from other regions, and therefore not native, so leaving this up for discussion.

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I could see fig bushes grow in that sandy western illiac bay region.

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