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Fauna Master List

Post by SGMonkey »

This list is taken from previous discussions on the old High Rock forums. The original idea was to compile a list in order to decide where to source assets from. Hence the info after each creature.

Giant Bat - Done, needs improved animations and sounds
Giant Rat - Vanilla Morrowind
Grizzley Bear - Vanilla Bloodmoon - Retexture
Sabertooth Tiger
Spider - Done
Giant Scorpian - Done - Animation problem
Slaughterfish - Vanilla Morrowind

Dreugh - Vanilla Morrowind
Giant - Done, improve mesh/ textures at later date
Nymph - Vanilla NPC
Spriggans - Vanilla Bloodmoon / Make male counterpart

Wereboar - Maybe one day TDW will let us use his.
Werewolf - Vanilla Bloodmoon

Air Atronach - Not actually found in Daggerfall the game, but would be quite cool to include.
Fire Atronach
Ice Atronach (Golem)(aka Water Atronach?)
Iron Atronach (Golem)(aka Earth Atronach?)

Ancient Lich
Skeleton Warrior - Vanilla Morrowind
Vampire - Vanilla NPC
Vampire Ancient - Vanilla NPC
Wraith - Vanilla Morrowind
Zombie - Not a Corprus stalker

Deadra Lord - i.e. - Malacath, Clavicus Vile
Daedra Seducer - Possibly a variation of Westlys?
Fire Daedra - Vanilla Morrowind
Frost Daedra - Vanilla Morrowind Frost Atronach????
Lesser Deadra (Daedroth) - Vanilla Morrowind[/quote]

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Post by WH-Reaper »

Gargoyle and Harpy - I believe Westly has been working on these, but it's been long since he mentioned some progress AFAIK
Lamia - S:HotN just finished their model, so perhaps they would allow it's usage in HR427 pic
Spriggans - There is very nice retexture and mesh improvement by Melchior Dahrk, which also includes male counterpart link
Atronachs/Golems - Perhaps some of these might be useful? link
Daedra Seducer - There are awesome ones on fullrest, but I guess they are out of the question. Perhaps this model? link

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Post by SGMonkey »

Yeah I asked Westly a long while back if he would allow the use of his stuff. Never heard anything back from him.
I had hoped to use the SHotN lamia eventually if im allowed. Looks awesome.
MD's spriggans are very cool too. Will have to ask him about those.
I don't mind using those golems but it does seem a bit of a cop out to use retextures of vanilla assets, But hey, I can't model creatures or animate so i guess i can't say much.
What do you mean about the ones on fullrest? Why are they out of the question?

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Post by Luxray »

I suspect those crazy Russians have made a copyright infringement of some sort -- it's par for the course for fullrest.ru content
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Post by WH-Reaper »

AFAIK they were made using stuff from Shivering isles. I do not know it for sure, though.

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Post by berry »

It also looks like Mazken were being worked on by Tamriel Rebuilt, check Ashstaar's post here. I think they look great, reminding the ones from SI but still with that Morrowind feel.


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Post by JackTheStripper »

I was wondering about 'Beastfolk'.

In Daggerfall the game, Orcs were regarded as fauna, rather than a playable race. Although they won't be included as fauna in High Rock 427, I think it might be interesting to include the other beastfolk who lived in and around Orsinium, such as ogres, goblins, and gremlins. Such creatures supposedly dwelt in an uninhabited mountain region near Old H'roldan in High Rock, due to their near dependence on 'a rare shaggy giant centipede herdbeast that can live only at high altitudes on alpine and sub-alpine forage'.

This information is taken from the Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition, so obviously it could be considered out of date, however I like the idea of including these creatures, and a rare shaggy giant centipede herdbeast, could not only be interesting, but provide some great material for quests. Regarding the location, the original beastfolk were stated to live near Old H'roldan, which in this time period (3E 427) is a part of Skyrim; however I don't think it would seem too illogical to have such creatures inhabiting the mountainous Eastern border to Skyrim, rather than in Skyrim itself.

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Post by Saint_Jiub »

Couple of ideas for sprucing up High Rock's monster list. Feel free to use or not :)
The more exotic & occult elements of High Rock's wilderness derives from two sources: the druids and the witches. The druids of Galen, now all but extinct, for centuries ruled unchallenged in the wild regions of High Rock. In popular culture, they are easily mistaken for the elves of Valenwood as zealous stewards of nature, but in truth, they were no less ruthless and ambitious than any other proper Breton, and to them their uncanny wood-magicks and talent for alchemy were just another tool of conquest. Over their bloody reign, they delved deeper and more greedily into Kynareth's domain than they could control, ultimately sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Unfortunately, their fall could not take place before they had unleashed vast hordes of stickmen and monsters, and plagues of blight and fungus, into the forests, such that even eras after their fall, gods-fearing Bretons still dare not enter too far beneath the canopies alone. And of course, the rumors persist that some of the witch-kings of Galen still linger, indistinguishable now from the rotted trees and 'shrooms that surround them.

Visual references (Imgur album): http://imgur.com/a/2Va9r

In modernity, the witch covens of High Rock bear responsibility for many of the monsters that stalk the night. In pursuit of power, they have honed the practice of conjuration to an art, with no consideration for the corruption of their own souls. All know of the Glenmoril Wyrd and their pacts with Hircine, resulting in the fell creatures known as hagravens, but other covens are no less eager, willingly taking on aspects of the spider, bat, or boar from entities as vile as Namira and Molag Bal. But it is not only their bindings upon themselves that make the witches so dangerous - though of course they share the conjurer's fondness for the atronach, scamp, and dremora, many of their lesser conjurings are unlike anything else seen on Tamriel. The gravehound (and its cousin the bonewolf) is only one such example, born by binding the soul of a daedra into the twisted flesh and bone of a simple dog.

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Post by Undertaker »

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