Region Concept, Dragonfields

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Region Concept, Dragonfields

Post by ThomasRuz » Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:17 am

Region concept, Dragonfields

“And how it was a delight, that landscape of pearly white.
The place where a seldom tree, is a common sight.
A field before the highest peaks, named after a most prestigious beast.
A land rare in its beauty, but treacherous even so.
I stand in the field of Dragons, an inhospitable land of cold winter’s woe.”

- A poetic guide to the Rock; The Western Reach

Dragonfields is a region that is part of The Western Reach super-region, it borders Hammerfell to the south, and Skyrim to the east.

The landscape will be a combination of a mountainous climate(snowfall, cold weather, thin air), and a variation of steppes(African, Mongolian and maybe Hungarian steppes used as a reference).
Dragonfields can be described as a high-altitude, barren, snowy steppe-land.

Inspirational pictures:
Mongolian Steppe:
African Steppe:
Hungarian Steppe:
Wintery Steppe:
Image Image
Flora – Dragonfields will be a relatively barren place, trees will be few and far between. Patches of grass can also be found and other plants, which are generally bleakly coloured. The Arthorn and Bleakstar plant concepts are both plants I can see in this region.

For trees I imagined something like this, only snow covered:
Image Image
Fauna – Fauna isn’t really set in stone, but we have decided a long time ago that Durzogs might be native from this region. For them to fit we might need to change them a little though, maybe make them larger and change their texture to be more winter camouflage-y. I've also tossed around the idea of using Saiga and Tapir like creatures for this region. We could also have creatures closer to oxen, bison and yaks.

EDIT: After a little discussion on the Discord,
the Durzogs are moved to the Bjoulsae basin instead.

Animal pics:
Musk Ox:
Settlements – The only town present in this region is Azra’s Crossing. Nomadic Dragontail mountain Orcs might have a few camps in this region, as might the eastern-most Bjoulsae tribe. The Reachmen also might have a few outposts on the outskirts of the region, and close to the river.
Dungeons – (Ice) Caves, Goblinken encampments, bandit encampments, giant camps, ice tribes( 😉 )
Abandoned Crown cliff-fortresses, Nordic raider camps, Redguard insurgent hideouts, wormmouth nests (As mentioned by Roerich)

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