Factions of Elsweyr

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Factions of Elsweyr

Post by Le Grimacier » Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:15 pm

This list is just a first attempt and will be expanded as the lore will be detailled.



Imperial Legions (present in Morrowind)
The Empire's fighting force. Try to ensure the peace and the application of imperial laws in Elsweyr. Divided in several garrisons each manning its own fort and providing guardsmen for towns, cities and nobles.
Legions are located at Fort Sphinxmoth (near Dune), Fort Rainmoth (near Senchal), Torval, Rimmen.

Imperial Cult of the Nine Divines (present in Morrowind)
The Imperial Cult tries to convert this remote province of the Empire and offers spiritual support to the Legions. The cult combines the worship of the Nine Divines: the Aedras Akatosh, Dibella, Arkay, Zenithar, Mara, Stendarr, Kynareth and Julianos and the Talos Cult, veneration of the divine god-hero Tiber Septim, founder and patron of the Empire.

The Fighters Guild (present in Morrowind)
Association of mercenaries seeking for contracts endorsed by the law.

The Mages Guild (present in Morrowind)
Foremost organization of magical scholarship in Elsweyr. Dedicated to the study and practical use of magic. In a very Khajiit fashion, it's also the main supplier of magical scrolls and enchanted items.

The Thieves Guild (present in Morrowind)
With Nocturnal as patron, the Thief Guild is an illegal imperial organization of thieves and lesser gangs working under a set of laws and customs.

The Blades (present in Morrowind)
Imperial order of elite soldiers, spies and agents responsible to the Emperor only. One of their main objective is to secure imperial interests in the province.

East Empire Company (present in Morrowind)
Mercantile company chartered by the Empire. Main office located in Senchal. In charge of the transport of goods by boats from and to the eastern provinces.

The Census & Excise Office (present in Morrowind)
Its main activities are writing reports to the Imperial City, collecting taxes and monitoring the flows of people and goods.

Elsweyr Office
Imperial organization of scribes, administrators, politicians, governors and diplomats who try to keep things running.


Mane's Court (present in lore)
The heart of the Khajiit government is composed by the Mane, his spokesperson, called the Speaker, and two assemblies made of representatives of the different cities of Anequina and Pellitine, called Tenders. Each assembly predominates over the other according to the lunar calendar that the Mane is enforcing. Ultimately, the Mane can take indisputable decisions.

Khajiit nobility (present in lore)
Each great city of Elsweyr is ruled by a King. Each royal family has been distinguished in the past by legendary feats considered as endorsements from the moons. There are actually seven royal families, excluding Torval, the traditional city of the Manes, and Rimmen, ruled by a human Potentat. Less important cities are governed by a male Khajiit, generally the head of the most important clan. In the most remote areas, it's the local Clan Mother who is in charge.

Clan Mothers (present in lore)
Clan Mothers are guardians of Khajiiti wisdom and keep things running locally (especially moon-sugar cultivation). By tradition they are the advisors of Kings and men in general, and spokespersons of the women. They are as respected as feared.

Temple of the Two-Moons Dance (present in TESO)
Religious organization preaching the Ja'Kha-Jay and teaching martial arts. Dating back to the First Era in Anequina when graduates were traded to Pellitine in return for various needs. Its clergy is made of a hierarchy of Moon Bishops.

Twin Lanterns (present in Morrowind)
The Khajiit branch of the organization of the same name in Morrowind. Composed of diplomats, agents and spies, its goals are repatriation of escaped slaves, dismantlement of slavery networks and information to legal authorities. They also have patrols looking for slavers expeditions in the heartlands.

Renrijra Krin (present in lore)
Criminal organization fighting against non-khajiit interests in Elsweyr. They are very territorials and use any means to achieve their goals, even to sell skooma to finance themselves.

(Ya'Tirje criminal organization)

(Baan Dar bandits)

Rajhini Kanjarr
Translated as “Fingers of Rajhin” or “Claws of Rajhin”, they are a group of thieves only motivated by fun and challenge. However, as they don't steal for money, they often redistribute their loot to those who need it. They are competing with the Thieves Guild.


Tapestrists Guild
Guild of artisans. Their tapestries are renowned in all Tamriel for their quality and their esoteric ornamentation.

(Rimmen independence movement)
Using its akaviri origin as an excuse, this movement calls for the independence of Rimmen from Elsweyr and the Empire. Regularly crushed through history and politically isolated, it uses manipulation, blackmail and assassination and profits from troubles to stir the population. Its main opposition comes from the Renrijra Krin who want to return the city to the Khajiit, and the Blades.

Lesser faction of Altmers trying to spread the supremacy of elven values and culture in Khajiit society and undermine imperial presence.

Psiijic Order
Altmeri organization of Mages, mostly active on the island of Artaeum, close to the Summerset Isles. Opposed to the Thalmor.

Uprooters Squad
Bosmeri group of veteran soldiers. Most of them fought during the Five Years War and didn't accept the loss of some parts of their homeland.

The Dark Brotherhood (present in Morrowind)
Secret murder cult originated from a split with the Morag Tong. Based in Corinthe. Illegal according imperial laws but considered as an ordinary business by most of the Khajiit.

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