A tough river question

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A tough river question

Post by worsas »

There are three different river changes I would like to discuss, but all of them would require scrapping a fair amount of exterior work. For that very reason the third proposal, displayed by the striped rivers, is the most questionable, but I want to bring it up, regardless, just so we can take it into consideration:
[hsimg=]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/223 ... estion.jpg[/hsimg]

1. Shortening the broad, river at the eastern border of the Reach so it emerges right north of the Farmland Mesa instead of going all the way down to the Eldersblood Peak. At the very same time, which is the main intend behind this, I would lift the terrain where the river has been removed and remove the eastern cliffsides of the wasteland- and farmland border. That way you would have an abatement of Terrain from the east towards the Reach, as described in the 1st pg and as I imagine it myself. There wouldn't be a river neighbouring the wasteland anymore, too.

2. Removing the river heading straight north east of Markarth. This is more a personal taste question. I think it would just look better.

3. Putting the mouth of the Karth river right southeast of Haafingar and remove the branch moving straight northwards from Markarth. This would be purely for the sake of alignment with TES V. Please note that our actual Haafingar is at a different position than seen on the white location map, so the river would indeed flow right next to Haafingar into the sea as it does in TES V.

The practical implications of these changes can be seen in more concrete shape here:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/223 ... stion2.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

It is probably important to note that the broad tribute river that would be mostly scrapped by proposal 1 has only got underwater detailling from scamps farmland mesa on northwards. So any removal south of that point would only do away with the shaped terrain. however, due to the narrowing of the river north of that point, there would be still some underwater detailling going lost.

All in all these river changes would create more approximation towards the Hjaal- and Karth- River as they are seen in TES V. Not sure, if we need that for legitimation, though. On another note, it would only make sense for a major city like Haafingar to be situated at a river mouth.

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Post by roerich »

Good post, worsas. Something that's been bothering me as well, especially the straight, northern branch of the river. I support all three changes. We should not aim to recreate any aspect of TES V, unless we feel like it has its place. For the rivers, this just makes more sense and looks better. We should also focus on not making the rivers so broad in the future.

This would change the political situation quite a bit though, allowing Haafingar to control all river trade to Markarth. Not really a con in my eyes.

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Post by Yeti »

I've never much liked the shape of the Karth River in our mod and would support these changes. Axe that branch of the river heading south and move the mouth to the location south of Haafingar. Scraping any of Lestat's brilliant exterior work is obviously a shame, and I don't make the suggestion lightly. But here, I believe it's the best route to take.

Would using TESFaith to move some of the exterior cells in the new river's path to fill in some of the space in the old river make any sense at all? It would at least give the exterior modder some detailed landscape to work with when filling in the blanks there.

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Post by griff »

I agree with the changes even though its a shame to loss the work already done. Anyway maybe we could rise the bed of the river to remove the water but leave the banks and ridges on each side to suggest there used to be a river even leave some water to turn into a small lake/pond. It might lower the workload.

Edit: Ok so on second look its a bloody big river.

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Post by Luxray »

That eastern branch never made any sense to me going to that mountain.
Scrap away! More contiguous land makes sense in my book. I felt there were too many rivers there.

Though -- how does that markarth-river proposal intersect with Roerich's design for and work on the city claim?
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Post by worsas »

If Roerich is up for it, he can extend his claim towards east to make that land transition look good. Alternatively we can look into that later.

In somewhat near future we should update our landmass to incorporate the preliminary terrain changes for this aswell as the then-updated areas.

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