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Some location types

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- Town/Village (farmer, hunter, lumber, fisher, sacred) - a village with predominant nord population. Nord towns are usually more spread out than imperial-style settlements and consisting of larger houses.
- Farmstead - a single nord farm. These can be protected by their own palisades.
- Wayside tavern - a wayside tavern of nordic architecture.
- Eremite house - a nord living on his own somewhere in the wilderness.

- Outpost - A tower. Sometimes surrounded by palisades.
- Fortress - a keep or fortress belonging to a nordic king or jarl. These should look run-down in most cases and less well-kept than their imperial counterpieces.

- Stone tomb - tombs like the ones found on solstheim or just some rocks and burial niches on the wayside
- Outside sanctuary / sacred grove - Magical menhir / open air altars or cairns made from rocks and often surrounded by further menhirs. Witches often gather here. sacred groves additionally consist of a garden and may be defended by spriggans.
- Merethic/1st era ruin - an underground living place of ancient dragon cultists or just some stone remnants on the wayside.
- Merethic/1st era fortress - the remnant of an old nord fortress.

- Bandit camp - a camp with some nord raiders. Can have some nord tents.
- Bandit cave - a cave inhabited by nord bandits. Should be different from mixed bandit caves by showing more typical nord objects, signs of religiousness that nords may start to show once they are among themselves: A flower wreath, dreamcatcher or an animal head suspended to fend off evil spirits. A misguided shaman as religious leader would be possible, too.
- Witch cave - a cave inhabited by a witch coven. May additionally be defended by animals.


- Town/Village - a more imperialized village with a higher percentage of other races but nords. Usually more densely built and with smaller houses. (Karthwasten and Dunbarrow are examples of this type)
- Farmstead - a non-nord farmer. Usually only found in the western holds.
- Traveller camp - a small camp on the wayside with some travellers that may give you quests.
- Wayside tavern

- Modern imperial fortress / outpost - These often act as recruiting facilities.
- Imperial fortress ruin - Leftovers of the imperial fortresses built against the Akaviri invasion by the second empire. May occasionally still be used by the legion.

- Mixed bandit camp - A camp with bandits of various races. May have some nord tents, but should be more general in equipment otherwise.
- Mixed bandit cave - a cave with bandits of various races.


- Town/Village - small settlements built with the reachmen house set. may be combined with orc camps or "redguard" villages. May be hostile. Reachmen may be accompanied by members of other races, who mostly participate in the lifestyle of the natives.
- Farmstead - a reach house next to a small field with typical reachmen crops (wither wheat, aspyr tea, onion).
- Camp - only consisting of the small straw huts. May be hostile.

- Cave - A cave inhabited by (mostly) hostile reachmen. Should show signs of cultic activity.
- Tomb - a tomb built from large stones. In principle similar to a nord tomb. May use some of the less suspicious nord tomb assets.
- Sanctuary - a stone altar surrounded by large, stonehenge-like stone constructions as seen on one of scamps mesa claims.
- Sacred grove - an overgrown hill with signs of cultic activity.


- Town/village - settlements built in the redguard-influenced reach house style. Most of these settlements should be fairly varied in population.
- Fortress - fortresses built with the redguard fortress assets. Most of these are controlled by Nords today.
- Insurgent camp
- Insurgent cave


- Camp - An accumulation of orc tents. May be hostile.
- Cave - A cave of hostile orcs. They may be accompanied by goblins.

Snow Elf

- ?

High Elf

- Direnni fortress ruins
- Direnni underground system


- Dwemer fortress
- Dwemer cavern system


- Tower ruin
- Daedric Sanctuary
- Evil sorcerer cave
- vampire cave

- Animal cave
- Animal den

- Goblin cave
- Goblin den

- Mine - usually controlled by nords or imperials. Iron, silver, (Orichalcum, Corundum, Copper, gems?)
- Forsaken mine - usually inhabited by vermin.
- Lighthouse

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