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Holds and regions

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Heavily inspired by this TR thread by immortal_pigs, I thought we were in need of something similar here. I started some work on it on the wiki, but I think it warrants a thread as well.

Politically and historically seperate regions, occasionally shifting borders. These are defined by who administrates them, i.e. the Reach hold being the Kingdom of the Reach ruled by King Barda. The holds are: The Reach, Haafinheim, Hjaalmarch, Falkreath, White Hold?, The Pale, The Rift, Eastmarch, Winterhold? Each with a number of distinct region types, sometimes overlapping hold borders.

Areas defined by their visual appearance; what meshes are used, textures, population etc. Should be fairly self-explanatory. Like in the TR thread, this thread should help outlining and defining how each region would look and feel, what enemies to be encountered etc.


The Reach
- Druadach Highlands
- Aldkarth Lowlands
- Falkar Foothills
- Mount Snowhawk
- Vorngad Forest
- Hammerfell Border
- Sundered Hills

- Solitude Forest
- Sea of Ghosts
- Wolfsisle


- Sundered Hills

White Hold?

The Pale

The Rift




Example on more detailed description:

Druadach Highlands
The region covers the many mesas found mainly in the southern and western Reach. It's rocky and green, with many old forgotten paths and canyons and great vertical differences. It is the heartland of eastern Reachman culture (western being in High Rock), and many villages and camps are found throughout the region. Cities include Karthwasten, Haimtír and maybe Dragonstar.

Difficulty: Easy/medium depending on how far from civilization you go.

Sundered Hills
A dry, arid and rocky wasteland creating a natural buffer zone between the kingdoms of the Reach and Falkreath. It is dominated by white, rocky ground and dry grass and otherwise sparse vegetation. It has a few mesas, many cliffs and fewer roads than the rest of the hold. It has two Nord cities, Lainalten and Felsundhal - both located on the edge of the region. The ruins of Old Hrol'dan and Sundered Towers are located here as well, and are being reclaimed by the Reachmen that have dwelled here for many years. The living conditions in this region are harsh, the rocky ground and rare rainfall make farming near impossible. Common enemies in the region includes wormmouths, trolls, Orc tribes, sabercats and even a few giants - otherwise rare in this part of Skyrim.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard. Not exactly Red Mountain, but definitely one of the more dangerous regions of the Reach.

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