Barrow types

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Barrow types

Post by roerich » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:33 am

There are two main styles of barrows in SHOTN, each with a number of different substyles and purposes.

First Era barrows

These are the barrows similar to the ones found on Solstheim. They were either built for kings, heroes and rulers or as community graves near early Nordic societies. In more rural areas some of these are still in use, but most of them are ancient and haven't been used for many centuries. Loot in these should be carefully chosen, to reflect the sense of how old they are (it wouldn't make sense to find modern Legion armor in there). Should be fairly common whereever Nords have lived for a long time.

Stone barrows

These are the more complex and cyclopean ruin-tombs, similar to the ones seen in TES V. They use the Sky_Ex_Barrow set mostly, and some of the interior components as well, like floors. They have two main purposes: 1. tombs for important figures 2. Dragon Cult quarters, with more emphasis on people having lived there rather than acting as tombs. Usually far more sprawling and deep than the First Era barrows, both in exterior and interior. Should be more rare and often have named cells for the exterior, depending on size of course. Origin ranges from the First Era to whenever the Nords stopped building barrows (if they did).

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Post by Tes96 » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:34 am

Thanks, Roerich. This is important and helpful information in regards to interior design. Can this be posted as a sticky in the "SHOTN Interiors Unclaimed" subforum? Or maybe post this in the Interior Guidelines topic.
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