[Minor Faction] Remanism

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[Minor Faction] Remanism

Post by Infragris » Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:40 pm

The cult-philosophy of Remanism is dedicated to emulating the example of Reman, the Worldly God, founder of the Second Empire. It is a savage martial philosophy which emphasizes the channeling of violent impulses to attain greater levels of power and personal fulfillment.

Remanite theology posits twin paths to power and fulfillment: the Conquest of the Underworld and the Conquest of the Heavens. The first is an internal struggle, based around the stilling of human hungers and base desires through changing periods of ascetic mortification and wanton indulgence. The second path is focused on exerting (political or violent) dominance over one's surroundings in an attempt to overcome your limitations.

Violence, from a Remanist point of view, is the most important art, implicitly present in all of creation. Not all Remanists are warriors – some have never so much as touched a blade – but all adhere to this basic concept.

The Remanist philosophies originated with the ascetics and priests of Reman's court, who debated the life and deeds of their Emperor with the intent of imitating him. They were influenced by the exotic philosophies of the Emperor's Akaviri servants, who dictated most courtly life in that time. Certain strains of Shezarrite and Pelinalite thinking are also detectable.

While the first school did not last beyond the fall of Reman III, the philosophy was spread by wandering sages and monks who travel between the Nibenay's many monasteries and temples. This school of thought became popular with the Pretender warlords of the violent Second Interregnum, who sought to legitimize their claims on the throne. It eventually found purchase with a variety of merchants, military commanders, politicians, and Fighters Guild members in modern-day Cyrodiil.

The old Reman cults have largely been replaced by Tiber Septim worship, but the philosophies of the Worldly God remain popular. Many dabble in it or assume it as part of a wider outlook focused on political or martial power, often combined with the worship of Shezarr, Boethiah, Mehrunes Dagon, Zenithar, or some of the more violent Emperor-cults. The popular milk-saints Sed-Yenna and Shonni-Et, along with the eastern war-saint Pella, are considered patrons of Remanism.

The cult has no official structure or priesthood. Its ideas are spread largely through books or word-of-mouth in social setting like Saintly Circles or Totemic Lodges. Theoretical Remanists can be found across Cyrodiil, though most fanatics thrive in the fertile cult scene of the Niben cities. Rema and Pell's Gate hold special significance to them. Ascetic sages are said to live in isolation deep within the Nibenese jungles, but they are difficult to contact and often unwilling to pass on their legendary martial techniques. Larger groups of remanist cultists also haunt the eastern jungles, but they are mostly indistinguishable from other bandits.

The Remanists maintain only two sacred places: a shrine near the battlefield of Pale Pass, and a holy place in Sancre Tor. Remanist intolerance of other cults caused a number of incidents and Temple Wars: currently they are ousted from the main city and have taken refuge in a stronghold within the expansive necropolis that surrounds the city.

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