Minerals of Cyrodiil

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Minerals of Cyrodiil

Post by worsas » Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:03 pm

Our idea for the layout of minerals in the province has been as following so far:
  • Iron being common in the south and west.
  • Moonstone being found in the north and east.
  • Gold in the central regions.
  • Rare pockets of Adamantium through the province.
  • Gemstones in the mountains of the Valus and Jeralls.
  • "Mines" of sload soap production in Nibenay

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Post by Infragris » Thu Oct 01, 2015 1:18 am

Coming back to this for a second:
  • Quarries for marble and other stones would bring a little variety in the mining scene: the Imperials have a constant need of stone for their fortresses, roads, and for the Imperial City itself. This could be a County Kvatch/Bruma thing.
  • Adamantium is present underneath Kvatch and near other sanctuaries of Akatosh.
  • Bleak Mine near Sutch as a salt mine. I believe Lythondea has some salt-related resources - we should ask Melchior for permissions 'n such.
  • Silver mines in Blackwood: one popular explanation for the Kothringi's silver skin is that they exploited large silver mines in their territory, and suffered from silver nitrate poisoning.

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