[Book] The Remaneli

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[Book] The Remaneli

Post by Charger24 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:37 am

Finally got around to finishing this. It still might be too short, not sure.

The Remaneli

by Cocilia Craesa, Mages Guild Historian

Emperor Reman Cyrodiil ordered the creation of the Mundial Eeli in parallel with their counterparts, the legendary Imperial Mananauts. But while many in the modern learned classes have come to know of the beloved Mothships and the grand endeavor that was Lunar Tatterdemalion, much of the history surrounding the less glamorous Remaneli has been lost to time.

Nevertheless, there are certain things we know. Ever the war-Emperor, Reman was intent on conquest in every direction, and took seriously Nordic reports of realms in the Beyond-and-Below. Rural Nords, however, were loath to reveal the between-places and hidden doors to the Underworld, a realm they consider deeply sacred. Imperial attempts to take these secrets by force met only fiercer resistance, and a curious series of self-mutilations by captured Nordic Clever-Men who preferred to tear out their fellows' tongues rather than risk breaking under the torturer's knife.

Faced with the galling prospect of combing the rough terrain of Skyrim for tiny shrines and secret caves, Reman may have given up on the endeavor had he not discovered an alternative: the Eeli, living drake-pods borne of the Niben's deepest and siltiest reaches, whose thick, serrated eggshells could pierce the bedrock beneath the riverbed in order to protect young wyrmlings in the long decades before their hatching. Equipped with confiscated Nordic spirit totems for navigation and piloted by eighty-man crews, the eggshell subterrenes reportedly seethed with a furious energy as they bore down into the earth, spewing behind them rocky detritus and shattered relics of long-buried civilizations. Thus did the brave pod-crews, naming themselves Remaneli, carve violent tunnels to the Deep Places of Nirn - and beyond, into the World Below.

We know nothing of what took place when the Eeli reached their destination, save that Reman's invasion of the Underworld failed catastrophically, putting an end to dreams of subterranean empire. But the legacy of the Mundial Eeli remains, to hear some tell the tale. To this day, the skalds say, beams of red Cyrod sunlight pierce here and there through the tattered roof of the Underworld, where no living man should stay for long.

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