[Note] An intercepted letter...

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[Note] An intercepted letter...

Post by Lord Berandas » Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:33 pm

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Roerich wrote: For the tavern "The Curved Sword" (Int_Karthwasten_70) I need four texts. One of them is finished, but could use some input.
An intercepted letter between a merchant from Haafingar and his Breton servant in Karthwasten. A group of bandits meeting in the tavern have gotten hold of this note, and plan to rob the caravan, as the Breton has favored price over quality when hiring caravan guards.

Master Hramund,

I have found a group of local mercenaries to guard your caravan. They will stay with our people from Karthwasten to Haafingar, making a stop in Falkirstad as was planned. They seem young and inexperienced, but are eager to prove their worth. More importantly, they agreed to do the job for the mere sum of 60 Septims per beard, as well as the cost of travel rations.

Your loyal companion,

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