[Book] A Dunmer's Guide to Skyrim: The Reach [added]

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[Book] A Dunmer's Guide to Skyrim: The Reach [added]

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french ninja wrote:This will problably be expanded a bit once the Hold is built up more, but I think its ready for some input by you guys. :)

A Dunmer's Guide to Skyrim: The Reach
by Giras Daroso

May Mercy, Mastery, and Mystery guide your life and ancestors. My name is Giras Daroso and I have set out to compose a series of guidebooks about the frigid and alien land west of our enlightened people, Skyrim.

The Reach is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in Tamriel, having been fought over by essentially every major western power. Unlike what many of our people may believe, not all of Skyrim is like the most northern lands of House Redoran. The Reach is in fact covered with thick deciduous forests and is quite temperate in temperature. Some travellers may even find the many mesas and steep valleys reminiscent of the foyadas of Vvardenfell.

Travelling to and from Markarth:
Of all possible modes of transportation, I would greatly advise to take a boat. From Baan Malur to the city of Haafingar and from there I would advise taking a river barge down the [name] river until you reach the city of Markarth, the largest settlement in the Hold. Passage can be booked here to virtually all corners of the region and even to other Holds.

Temple Resources:
Any pious Dunmer will find the religious faculties lacking in Markarth Hold, and with good reason, being far from our hallowed lands. I would highly suggest bringing the necessary materials and prayer books on your journey. With that said, there is in fact a hostel and house temple run by a kind soul named Vadas Marvani open to any of the Temple faithful. His residence is a two story house near the King's hall in Markarth.

The Locals:
While the western nords are by no way amiable to our kind as a whole, they are too preoccupied with harassing the Breton and Redguard communities to bother a traveller from Morrowind. Remember that you are a representative of the Triune Way, and as long as the authorities be just, recall the writings of St. Delyn the Wise: keep no secret from your Judge's scale!
However, I must stress that this does not make travel in the Reach like an evening at the spas of Dreynim. The native inhabitants of the area, aptly called Reachmen, are to be avoided unless absolutely necessary, as their villages are commonly hideouts for murderous marauders: the Forsworn.
In addition, I have been told that Yokudo-Nordic unrest within the city of Dragonstar continues still at the time of this guide's completion.

Places of Interest:
The Reach has many ruins that a dunmer with a love of architecture will enjoy viewing, from weathered breton wizard keeps to steep fortresses of Clan Direnni. While many are in the wilderness or are too dangerous for the average reader, you are in luck. The king of Markarth keeps his court within the ruins of one of the largest Direnni holdfasts in Skyrim and I can tell you from personal experience that you will not be disappointed!

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