[Book] Nordic Vedas (WIP)

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[Book] Nordic Vedas (WIP)

Post by Tristior » Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:22 pm

This is intended to be the foundational Nordic religious text - six books in total - dating back to the Old Empire. Probably needs a title that's not as on-the-nose as "Nordic Vedas", so I'm happily taking suggestions. Also, I was going for something a lot less weird than, say, the 36 Lessons (because if everything's weird then nothing is) but if it's too banal then fire away with some suggestions.

Book One

I. LET it be known that all writing is but a reflection of the Voice, murky and warped. Kyne’s truth is in the throats of Her children.

II. The shape of the world is this:

III. The essence of life is Breath, Wind and the Voice, for so was Man breathed upon the land by Kyne and so does Man bear a fraction of that breath within their breast.

IV. Man is of the Sky, a child, whose truest expression is to be as the firmament: wild, mighty and all-encompassing. The Children of the Sky have a birthright to this land, and all others are interlopers. They were not breathed.

V. The shape of the world is this:

VI. There must always be Something, and there must always be Nothing, for which has meaning without the other?

VII. Something sits below, ever creating and the death of the wild spirit. Look farther down than you can, and consider the depth of existence.

VIII. Nothing rests above, ever destroying and the death of the living body. Look farther up than you can, and consider the vastness of oblivion.

IX. Their place of meeting is the Sky, and it contains all possibility. Look around at all that you can, and be joyful.

X. The shape of the world is this:

XI. All will be destroyed. ALDUIN is the Dragon, and the Dragon does not eat His tail.

XII. The cycle of the Kalpa, of destruction and creation, of Nothing and Something, is all that exists in perpetuity.

Meditate on this: Hope is eaten by the Dragon, and so there is no Hope. Act now, then, and with certainty forge the world.

Book Two

I. LET it be remembered that this land is Sky, the birthright of Man bequeathed by Shor. All others are interlopers.

II. As the last embers of the last world dimmed to ash, the gods stirred in the dark place that ALDUIN does not eat. This is Sovngarde, the place between the Kalpas.

III. Shor, Father to all, was the first to awaken in lightless Sovngarde. He meditated on the Breath of his War-Wife, Kyne, and learned of His savage death.

IV. Therefore Kyne, War-Wife of Shor, was the next to awaken in the darkness. She meditated on the Breath and learned of the fury of Her grief.

V. Therefore Mara, Brood-Wife of Shor, was the next to awaken in the darkness. She meditated on the Breath and learned of the misery of Her tears.

VI. Therefore Dibella, Bed-Wife of Shor, was the next to awaken in the darkness. She meditated on the Breath and learned of Her own beauty.

VII. Therefore Stuhn, Shield-Thane of Shor, was the next to awaken in the darkness. He meditated on the Breath and learned of the belief in the value of Mercy.

VIII. Therefore Tsun, Shield-Thane of Shor, was the last to awaken in the darkness. He did not meditate on the Breath, and learned nothing.

IX. This is the clan of the Hirser, the beams that hold up the world. Remember their names (Shor, Kyne, Mara, Dibella, Stuhn, Tsun) and their meditations.

Meditate on this: Like gods, the Children of the Sky know their own deaths. For all is eaten, and nothing survives.

Book Three

I. LET it never be forgotten: all things are for ALDUIN alone. Wretch! No other may claim sovereignty over the demense of the Dragon.

II. Thus the Hirser followed Shor through the vivid void of stars. Tsun’s bright Voice led the Children on their infinite march of reclamation. And They gathered at that most sacred point, lights bursting all around.

III. And in that light They looked once:

IV. They became aware of shadowed shapes, lesser beings, not yet elves and their elf-demons, that lay beside them, helpless.

V. They looked twice:

VI. Amidst them and filled with the burning remains of dead possibilities, ALDUIN, The World-Eater, The Twilight Dragon, slept. ALDUIN devours all, and sleeps.

VII. They understood once:

VIII. All beings - Man and elf, God and demon - are drawn to the shining interplay of up and down. The sacred height is called Sky. But the Breath of Kyne is truth: Sky’s light is for Shor’s clan alone.

IX. All will understand:

X. The building of the World at Sky is forbidden by tradition, and by the maw of ALDUIN. The void is that of ALDUIN, and the Kalpa lasts by HIS forbearance alone.

XI. Know this:

XII. Shor is the shrewd God, and knows that although the endless void belongs to ALDUIN, World building is the true good. He has meditated on the Breath of Kyne, that glittering Voice, and does not listen to traditions, or Dragons. He knows His death.

XIII. Thus did the Hirser set to the building of the World, at Shor’s direction. Their bodies support Sky, which is an idea alone. The Children, we Children, thronged to fill it lest the Hirser go without witness. This shining World is good.

Meditate on this: Everything is within the cycle of one Kalpa, the Breath held between the Dragon’s feasting and awakening. There are many kalpas, up and down.
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Re: [Book] Nordic Vedas (WIP)

Post by roerich » Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:03 pm

I like it!

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