Quarter Palm Liturgy

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Quarter Palm Liturgy

Post by Infragris » Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:38 pm

Religious text for a rural Dagonite cult from the Niben Valley. The Quarter Palm Cult is a nihilistic death cult frequented by rice farmers and fishermen, embittered by failing harvests and political indifference. They main calling card is ritual strangulation.
Read your silks
your mothers and your mothers mothers
poured their blood in this land
poured their ghosts in this river
it was once a land of plenty
now it is barren
sullen and brackish
a green curse is on our land
give praise

Hear the hermits
moth-faced and sick of jungle fever
remember the ways of old
the tribes were numerous
they were clad in gold
their fields were white with rice
their drums beat the hour
their shield was called Al-Estia
gone with the river
give praise

Listen to the dead man
asleep on his altar
he foretells the coming of the Dagon
great destroyer
of destruction he is made
in his hand the dagger
in his hand the lighting
in his hand the sight of man
in his hand the whirling nothing
soon he upon us
to wipe away the empire of emperors
until nothing is left
give praise

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