Mystic Path of the Emperor

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Mystic Path of the Emperor

Post by Infragris » Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:22 pm

Generic Imperial esoterica. Rare.

A word of power for the willing Man, he whose open palm has the strength of a fist. Be you without flaws.

Be you as the Emperors of old, they to whom all others submit, who carry majesty in word and deed,
be you as Alessia, who, from obscure birth below the earth, did rise to the most resplendent position, learn from her that man overcomes,
be you as Reman, who devoured and destroyed his enemies, and crushed them, learn from his the supremacy of the will,
be you as Tiber, who knew above all else the ways of conquest, and took the whole of the world for himself, learn from him the art of law.


A word of silence for they who came before, roadbuilders, praise for the fathers of the sons of man. Be you without regret.

Be you as the waymakers, they who walked so all may follow, who were humble in power, and victim of deceit,
be you as Hestra, who unified and divided, and anointed each of our crossroads with blood,
be you as Sidri-Ashak, the caretaker, who planted stones as seeds of law in the far places,
be you as Cuhlecain, who foresaw and made clear the path, and knew his hour well in advance.


A word of plenty for the ground on which we walk, holy Cyrod, mother of man. Be you without unrest.

Be you as Cyrod, resplendent, whose spine is made of high stone, whose belly is wet with hidden jungle,
be you as the mighty Highlands, arid tops touched by snow, whose walls repel the invader,
be you as the broad river Niben, lifebringer, whose slow coils carry ships to the hearth or smash them asunder,
be you as the forbidden jungle, crouched in silent hostility, hissing, that which longs for blood,
Be you as the Emperor in his tower, inviolate and under Divine mandate, master of all he perceives.

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