Julianite Number-Spells

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Julianite Number-Spells

Post by Infragris » Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:32 pm

Esoterica for the Julianos cults.
Within the heart of men there lives the number called one, the irrelevant I.

Two is the number that lives in their heads,
called fear that drives men forward,
and endeavor, the virtue of saints.

Fear is made of the number three,
fear of the strong, who usurp,
fear of the weak, who desire,
and fear of the self, most unreliable of all.

Four things endeavor,
the fire desires,
the waters thirst for memory,
the air longs for him who is lost,
the forest untamed is a great devourer.

Five times was man betrayed,
by the spirits unwilling, only themselves,
by the courts of regret, who cursed the telling of stories,
by the golden usurpers, name-thieves,
by the singularites, the breakers of bells,
and in the hour unsung, which is yet to come.

The engine of the world feeds on the number is six things,
the song of the people,
the silk that they weave,
their dreams unstringed,
their children reborn,
the blood that they spill,
the names they lose and learn again.

The nature of things is fixed and unchanging, save for these seven mysteries,
the slave who becomes queen,
the covenants of saints,
the solace of the moth,
the evil lamp of tigers,
the moment broken,
the submission of serpents,
the road that leads to the sacred places.

Eight is the number of your inheritance,
the hours and minutes,
the circle of endings,
the grain and the rice,
the lashing wind,
the rapture,
the mercy of justice,
the coin and its value,
and the word of knowing, through which we may come to understand.

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