The Hundred Dream-Visions of Kallistis

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The Hundred Dream-Visions of Kallistis

Post by Infragris » Sat Jan 10, 2015 10:27 am

This text was originally posted on the old forums by gro-dhal.
gro-dhal wrote:Forgive the bad poetry. This is some IC stuff, meant to be from a long prophetic (in the sense of being visionary, not a foretelling of the future) poem recited by the cult priesthood. Inspired by William Blakes Europe and America prophecies. Minus the deranged genius of Blake.


73. Talos sweeps aside his enemies.

Standing with my feet in Rumare’s waters, I raised my eyes
And saw a tower that pierced the sky, a sky with stars that shone though it was day
I looked again, and the tower was a man, clad in white and gold
And he reached his hand to the east and gathered brazen armor
And he reached his hand to the west and swatted darting filigree birds.

From temples that were like grains of sand and palaces of dust
Kings came in supplication, and gods too
And he spoke from his wound, and they fell to their knees and became stones
He raised then a city of light and joy, which I did shake to see
A perfect mechanism of heaven, the pure work of our blessed monstrous forebears made good.

74. Talos purges the royalty of High Rock.

The tonsured princes bemoaned their fate
He whispered, and the wooden crowns flew from their heads
I heard the crashing of rocks and the tumbling of palaces
As the slayers of Grandfather Zero vanished beneath the angry mountains.

Tattered banners and the wails of seneschals gave color to the air
And slowly faded as new men, and new women, were called.
Warriors and merchants became queens and kings
As the world was remade utterly, yet remained the same.
This will work well as an esoteric religious text, especially for the Imperial Cult's Order of Tiber Imperator and the Talos Conspiracy.

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