Red Dome Temple Liturgy

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Red Dome Temple Liturgy

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A religious text associated with the Red Dome Templars, an influential Imperial officer's cult. This text would mostly be found in Red Dome Templars or in the personal belongings of Templar-affiliated Legion officers. Other than that it should be rare and valuable.

Please make sure not to use this text for other Talosian cults.
Liturgy of the Red Dome Templars

[Excerpt from the ritual liturgy of the Red Dome Templars. The words of Headred Antius Seprax, 3E 207.]

Hear me, protectors of the inviolate red temple!

It was the time of great struggle, when war we waged upon the world. The blood of one million blessed soldiers fell on one million battlefields, sanctifying the earth, causing temples to fountain! And all the eight corners of the world were thus anointed in blood. War upon war raged thusly, and the ground was violated and crushed as under great stones.

In those days, TIBER IMPERATOR strode the earth, in his right hand he held a sword, in his left a red and shimmering stone. He shone like a red jewel of conquest that makes all things right, and his voice was as a bell which rung of peace and order.

And TIBER was surrounded by his closest officers, disciples numbering ninety-nine, his sons born in legion red whom he loved above all else. And unto them said TIBER come, my sons, and he bestowed upon these, the most favored of his most favored, the sign of the red and shimmering stone, painted incarnadine upon their hands and tongues. And so anointed did ninety-nine red officers take to the battlefield in great leaps, where they smote the enemy with furious shouting.

And these Templars who fought with TIBER and were anointed by his divine hand could never again sleep or repose in peace, for their minds existed now only in the war spaces. Thus they strode out again and again to destroy the enemies of TIBER. And when they fell, their tongues were cut like swords and numbered, and brought to an inner chamber in preparation for future carnage and long red rapture.

Hear the words of the first templars!

The anointed officers spoke as one, saying, because He does take breath, I breathe also, and with this breath they uprooted fortresses and made red mush from the bodies of men.

Again they spoke as one, saying, because He does sing, I sing also, and the choir of their voices was a ripple of destruction that breached and split the heads of their enemies asunder.

And once more they spoke as one, saying, because He does bleed, I bleed also, and where TIBER had spilled his divine blood upon the soil in the war spaces, there they came and built high and pleasant temples, where incarnadine flows by divine miracle, and ever since these men were known as the templars of the red domes, whose halls tremble with the voice of TIBER.

Hear me, protectors of the inviolate red temple, as I speak in red rapture these words in the year two hundred and seven of the Era of TIBER.


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