Anvil Census and Excise Ship Log [WIP]

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Anvil Census and Excise Ship Log [WIP]

Post by Infragris » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:55 pm

Wollibeebee wrote: All official ship travels are first approved by the Census and Exercise booth just near the main office - where a copy is kept of the ledgers.

(OB means that the NPC is from Oblivion.)
Anvil Census and Excise Ship Travel Log:

Stenar Alleius - The Snakehead
Baeral Godras - The Old-Bones
Felen Relas - The Old-Bones (OB)
Ticedo Horatius - The Starheart

Jeannah Hawker - Red Glory
Sharli Hawker - Red Glory
Arenara Vandacia - Pride of Wayrest
Ulenus Vendalas - The Kamlesh-Tul

Stros M'kai
Qorwyn - Lysandus' Windcatcher
Bogamu Olor - Lysandus' Windcatcher
Ildoni Atrius - The Kamlesh-Tul

Aenvir - The Old-Bones (OB)
Astia Inventius - The Old-Bones (OB)
Pinarus Inventius - The Old-Bones (OB)

Dandre Masola - Pride of Wayrest
Enilroth - Lysandus' Windcatcher (OB)

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