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[Another Valenwood/Bosmer Book] "The Arenthian Legacy"

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:43 pm
by Violet
The Arenthian Legacy: An introduction to the first Forest King and his heirs

by Sylch Virimul of Arenthia

The legacy of Arenth is one that many of Arenthia's historians argue about. It's true that many of the myths are simply that, myths; however, equally true is that Arenth was an imposing figure who's mark on Valenwood is - while not as glamorous or well known as Eplear Camoran's - is just as important of a historical figure as any other. The origins of Arenth are not uniform. There are just as many accounts of Arenth's life as there are contradictions in the Nordic religion. What I have brought to you here is the key moments of his rise to power and the general legacy of his rule where everyone agrees upon.

Arenth was the cheiftain of the Thorimil tribe in the late Merethic Era, it is believed to be roughly between 200 and 250 years before Eplear's Coronation, dates tend to vary wildly but most put his rule around that time. His rise to prominence within the tribe also is disputed, some say he became cheiftain through his heroic act of leading the then dying tribe to the north when the local fresh game began to grow scarce (due to overhunting by the other Bosmeri tribes as well as the local Satyr and Minotaur tribes in the area), others say he murdered previous cheiftain (Fothervich) to usurp him. Either way, they left southern Valenwood and headed north, eventually settling in what is now known as the "Arenth-Arla" which is to say the "Arenth's Splendor".

Records state that it took approximately 5 years to traverse due to both the Basilisk prescence around the Xylo River, and the growing threat of the Satyrian Warlord Tetrarox. When they reached northern Valenwood, they stumbled upon the Ayleid city of Olynavrien. The King there immediately enslaved the tribe, forcing the tribesmer to work in their fields and digging their mines while Arenth was kept as the King's personal housepet. For the next 7 years, Arenth and his tribe stayed in tied to their chains until the King laid dead. According to Arenthian myth, the Ayliedi Wizard-King was slain in glorious battle by Arenth with nothing but a fork and a determined look in his eye, less outlandish accounts depicts Arenth as slitting the King's throat in his sleep; either way, Arenth was alive and the King of Olynavrian lay dead (and he wasn't the only one).

It would be remiss of me to forget to mention that Olynavrien wasn't a particularly well fortified or staffed City. In fact Olynavrien resembled more of a large manor with extra residents than a proper City-State of the Ayleid. Arenth, still in the dead of night, was more than capable of killing the King in his sleep, freeing the remaining tribesmer from their shackles, and slaughtering any Ayleids that didn't submit to them. Over night, the Ayleid City became a Bosmeri one, that was Arenth's first victory. Within the coming months, the tribeless and the exiled flocked to the new Olynavrian, which was renamed as the Arenthvrien. Arenth's successor would later rename the city again, naming it Arenthia due to the difficulty in pronouncing it with his stutter.

His second victory, was against the Satyr Tetrarox who had been pushed back by the other Bosmeri tribes to the northern parts of Valenwood. The Thorimil - now armed with Ayleidi weaponry and Bosmeri wit - defeated the Satyrian Scourge near the Xylo. Tetrarox's spine was formed into a bow bound by Bosmeri magicks (which is now a valued artifact within the palace of Arenthia today) and Thorimil Kefklar (also known as Thormar Keep by Imperials who are too lazy to pronounce a proper elven name, although usually simply referred to as "Thorimil" by modern Bosmer) was founded later that year after the defeat of Satyrian Scourge; and a statue of Arenth burning Tetrarox from the inside out via the late-Olynavrien King's varla stone spear (commonly known to as the "Arenthian Glow", which was unfortunately lost to history in the late 2nd era).

His third and final victory is the least plausible. It was late in his life, and his wife Olivae was captured by the Priests of Shagrath, who had taken her captive as a reaction to his avid stance against Shagrath worship (which was very popular in Merethic Era Valenwood). Arenth, old in his age, marched into Shaegrevine - the village of the cultists - with a single letter. That letter, which no known copy exists today unfortunately, supposedly stated "If you do not return her to me,
the Spirits of the Forest will descend upon you." along with some hidden spell bindings. The Shagrathi Priests threw the letters into a fire (unlike respectable Bosmer, the followers of Shagrath do not follow the Green Pact), and as soon as the
spell bindings touched the flame the Priests had sealed their fate. The Spirits of the Forest came and tore the village to sunders, Olivae walked into the growing palace-town of Arenthvrien unscathed days later. Ever since that night, Shaegrevine has become a religious site, the woodland overgrowth covering the remains of the spider silk-wrapped, Hydra bonemeld tent where Olivae Thorimil was kept has become a shrine that the local Thorimili tribesmer leave tributes of spider legs and scorishith wine in remembrance of the event.

Arenth Thorimil was named king the following year, as he had been before in everything but name, and died a peaceful death within the coming decade. His son, Riacher Thorimil, who was 31 at the time. Riacher Thorimil had a strong sense of the mercantile possibilities of the fertile region, and marrying the daughter of Ralai Tithihk - the Tithihk cheiften - and Riacher Thorimil's wedding to Cylwedh Tithihk was a celebration for the Merethic age. Upon his deathbed approximately 20 years prior to Eplear's Rise to dominence, Cylwedh lead the tribe of Thorimil - now calling it the Kingdom of Arenthia (to match the ever growing palace-city) in her stepfather's legacy - for 13 years before letting her firstborn, Codriel, inherit her throne in her stead. Cylwedh Thorimil bore Riacher five children in the following order before his death; Codriel, Karorim, Larelerva, Nivenor, and Tanis, as well as a sixth child with her royal knight-protector; a daughter named Sidra.

Codriel did not attend Eplear's Coronation, as he deemed Eplear's desire for a unified Valenwood as tyrrany. Unfortunately for Codriel, the other four children were in favor of it, and all wanted to rule, so they turned to Sidra. Sidra had no blood relation, so she could not inherit the throne, but as a member of the royal court she was capable of breaking the tie. With every prince and princess voting for themselves - her single vote for Larelerva won, and Larelerva bowed to King Eplear Camoran, and was the cheif negotiator in the early days of the Colovian-Bosmeri trade. The Kingdom of Arenthia swiftly became the first trading capital of Valenwood, and likewise the riches, Larelerva and her heir (Virilus Thorimil) began building lavish statues, manors, roads, and the palace of Arenthia quickly became one of the most beautiful palaces in all of Tamriel; rivalling that of Silvenar's, Alinor's, Wayrest's, and Sentinel's. Later Kings and Queens would later cause vast dips and spikes in the economy of the Kingdom, but it's safe to say there have been more spikes than there have been dips (I'll spare you readers the details as it is a long and rather boring subject that I barely understand myself).

The current ruler on this day the 3rd of Hearthfire, in the 423rd year of the 3rd era, King Coman Thorimil rules the Kingdom of Arenthia - he is a great Wizard-King who's as beloved by his people as he is feared by the dreaded Shagrathi Cultists who stalk the regions of Arenth-Arla and Xarxen Mora. Praise be to the Arenthian Throne, long may it be rich with grace and pride.

Re: [Another Valenwood/Bosmer Book] "The Arenthian Legacy"

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:05 am
by Violet
Please note: As per R-Zero's suggestion on Discord, I will rewrite this to make the later paragraphs more myth than fact, as well as cutting down on its size so it doesn't end up a 40 page book (or some other ridiculously large page number compared to the vanilla standard of 15-25 average). When I eventually do, I'll probably delete this message.