Ordo Legionis [Cyrodiil Version]

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Ordo Legionis [Cyrodiil Version]

Post by Infragris » Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:44 am

Imperial Legion faction book, based on the original Vvardenfell version. Copies should be added to all major Legion fortifications/quest hubs. The number of forts and their names are, of course, subject to change depending on how many forts we end up placing, and which ones will be quest-relevant.
Ordo Legionis

The most disciplined and effective military force in history, the Imperial Legions preserve the peace and rule of law in the Empire and the Imperial Province. Wherever foreign enemies or treasonous agitators seek to disrupt the peace and the rule of law, the Legions are present to guard, protect, and to bring about the will of the Emperor. The Legion invites all willing and capable citizens to join this illustrious force that serves as the foundations of the Empire.

While many legion garrisons are permanently quartered in the provinces, the Empire maintains its most experienced divisions to secure the Imperial Province. The forces currently manning the forts of Yellowmoth, Redman, Teleman, and Waxmoth in the southern Niben is at full copmlement. The venerable First Legion, stationed in the old Colovian bastions of Strand, Istirus, Arrowmoth and Ontus, is always looking to grow its ranks with promising and qualified citizens, especially they who feel called to the difficult and arduous officer regimen. Those seeking enlistment can apply at the garrison headquarters of Fort Ontus, in the city of Mhorlagrad.

The most honorable Third Legion has been assigned the solemn task of defending the Imperial City and the Heartlands. It is our most exclusive division, holding the citadels of Arkmoth, Imperator, Urasek, Wakemoth, Virtue, and Fort Basileus itself. Serve the Emperor with exceptional determination, and perhaps you too can one day wear the red regimentals of the Ruby Legion. Even if your efforts do not bring you that far, know that there are also distinguished postings in the auxiliary border Legions, the Prison escorts, and with the honorable Battlemages of the Shadow Legion, based in their redoubts of Fort Magia.

The Legion selects candidates on the basis of superior endurance, the soldierly virtue, and trustworthy personality, the citizen's virtue, for service in the Legion is the model for the duties of Imperial citizenship. Troopers are expected to demonstrate mastery of the long blade, the spear, and blunt weapons. Legion troops train with shield and heavy armor, and so must be skilled at blocking and moving in heavy armor.

As a trooper or knight, you must master the long blade, spear, and blunt weapons. You must block whatever blows you can, and take unblocked blows upon your heavy armor. Recruit must also be proficient at athletics, both to march long distances with heavy packs, and to advance and maneuver, charge and retreat on the field of battle.

Cyrodiil is kept safe thanks to the vigilance of the Legions. While a soldier stationed in the home defense garrisons is unlikely to advance through valorous acts on the battlefield, a legionnaire exhibiting dedication, talent, and discipline may one day find himself among the commanders of Fort Basileus, those generals who are privileged to act as the right hand of the Emperor himself.

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