Travelers Guide to the Ayleid

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Travelers Guide to the Ayleid

Post by Anumaril » Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:29 am

Collections of texts by authors of Ayleid Revival and Revisionist tendencies, targeting foreign or interested locals with texts counter to what they refer to as the 'Alessian Truth'. Ayleid Revivalists I imagine being a rather splintered group, half of which idealizing the pre-Daedric society and blaming horrors like flesh-magic on the Daedra, or insisting such things never occurred, and the other half being closeted Meridia worshippers. Texts would shift between viewpoints. Unsure whether to have single texts for each Ayleid culture-group (Adonacyrean, Barsaebic, Lipsaculleic, Atataric) or just concise entries for more relevant city-states, let me know what you think.
Travelers Guide to the Ayleid: Ceyatatar

Ceya-Tar, or its later name Ceyatatar, lies to the southwest of the Imperial City along the Gold Road. Once the seat of power for a powerful Ayleid lord, Fire-King Hadhuul, it has now fallen into ruin like most of Ayleidic achievement. What the common traveler may not know is that the city's name roughly translates to 'Shadow of the Fatherwood' no doubt evidence of the Ayleid's affinity and loyalty to the local nature spirits once revered by the Nedes. Ceya-Tar prospered under Ayleid rule thanks to their position between the Heartland and Lipsaculleic Ayleid of the west. Entering the ruin, one is met with a great central dome once dedicated to Magnav, the Ayleid equivalent of Magnus, who was said to be the spirit of light, sight, and insight prior to Daedric corruption. The horrors catalogued by the Alessians regarding Hadhuul paint the city in a rather dull light, however, it's likely the actions of Hadhuul were those of a corrupted, tyrannical heretic to the original Ayleid ideal. From the beginning, the Ayleid held fire to be a weak and corrupt form of light, an element for which they had great regard. Any so-called sorcerer-king who utilized it in such a passionate and cruel manner was by no doubt corrupted by the Daedric forces that perverted Ayleid society and threaten the Empire today.

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