Imperial Proverbs

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Imperial Proverbs

Post by Infragris » Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:18 pm

A collection of popular and moralizing sayings, collected from both east and west. Meant to illustrate some basic notions of Imperial culture. A bit like the Book of Dawn and Dusk for the Dunmer. Cheap and common.

[A collection of moralizing sayings and aphorisms from across Cyrodiil, illustrating various aspects from the worldview of the common Imperial.]

A man's tongue has the power to cleave the world.

Beware the saint who knows no patron.

Blessed forever are they who are blessed from the first hour.

As with red dye, the first coloring is never lost.

As a lamp lights up a dark room, so does law shine upon the people.

Give to the Emperor that which belongs to the Emperor by right.

By the color of their silk will you know friend from foe.

The pilgrim purchases divinity by walking the correct road, which has been prepared for him in advance.

Heed the jungle, crouched in hostility.

A blind man eats until he is sated, for he cannot see the feast before him.

Beware he who builds his house with the words of another.

If three men claim to have seen a tiger in the market, a tiger there will be.

The wound of the knife will heal, but not that of the tongue.

Better a cunning foe than a foolish friend.

A broken blade, when kept in its sheath, can still keep enemies at bay.

Measure all you posses, even that which you throw in the river.

The word "rice" has never filled a belly.

There is a hole in every law.

Profit is also what you carry from a burning house.

Poison and wine pass through the same throat.

There is no work for a coutal in a silkhouse.

The runner may be fast, but the jungle is deep.

A jug of wine can work more miracles than a temple full of saints.

A drawn sword is the greatest shield.

Wisdom is a coin not easily stolen.

Better to die as a beggar than to live as one.

He who excuses himself, accuses himself.

If the wood doesn't burn, throw it back into the jungle.

When one generation eats with much salt, the next will thirst for water.

If you cannot speak, don't show your tongue.

Do not mistake red for ripe.

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Post by Scamp » Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:36 am

Very high quality work. I really like this one!

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