Syffa Temet Kai

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Syffa Temet Kai

Post by Infragris » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:39 am

Part of the old Akaviri code of conduct for members of the Fighters Guild. Part warrior philosophy, part guild charter, this text was written by Dinieras-Ves, the founder of the Fighters Guild, as a guide for members. Today, all but a few traditionalist guidhalls in the Nibenay have abandoned the code, if they even remember it at all.

This is a semi-expensive, rare scroll or book. Can be placed in a prominent place in Nibenese Fighters Guildhalls, or in the possession of scholars, learned warriors, or Akaviri-obsessed NPCs. Could also be used as clutter in Reman-era ruins.
Syffa Temet Kai

The peerless soldier walks by righteous will,
he observes the dealings of the people,
as a warrior observes the stance of his enemy.
Consider justice, duty, and integrity,
and commit fully to your decisions.

The peerless soldier fears nothing,
he neither throws his life away,
nor preserves it in an eggshell.
Stride into battle with consideration,
and never hesitate in your strike.

The peerless soldier abhors torture and needless death,
these things are without honor or principle,
and unprofitable to yourself and your contractor.
Cultivate compassion and benevolence,
and strike down only what offends you.

The peerless soldier strikes without remorse,
he makes no hollow promises or retractions,
his will and his action coincide exactly.
Let nothing stop you from performing your duty,
the world must break to accommodate your will.

The peerless soldier is responsible for his deeds,
his actions and their consequences,
he is bound to the Way of the Syffim only.
Your blade is bought and sold,
but your will is free from all restriction.

- Dinieras-Ves

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