Karthgad Quest: Hunting bandits (Sky_qRe-Kg03)

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Karthgad Quest: Hunting bandits (Sky_qRe-Kg03)

Post by roerich » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:37 am

Something based on this idea by berry:
latest rumours around Karthgad would inform player that thane is tired of bandits preying in Vorndgad forest and delegated his huscarl to take care of it. Huscarl's been looking for bounty hunters ever since. This would trigger the first of only three journal entries I imagined for this "radiant quest" - second one being "Huscarl told me about bounties appointed for the bandits lurking in Vorndgad Forest. I shall return to him to collect a bounty whenever I manage to kill a bandit", and the last one "All bandits in Vorndgad forest are dead"; killing all bandits would result in an extra reward. Next to the huscarl, in thane's lodge, there would be a board with bounties nailed to it, they would however only serve informative and RPing purposes (you wouldn't need to have read the bounty for bandits to appear), describing each bandits' group and loosely their whereabouts, for example something like
To all fair citizen of the Empire!
Let it be known, that:
Orc named Bugdul
Breton going by the name Ylbent Bovkinna
unknown Nord, accompanying them
unknown Orc woman, accompanying them
were sentenced to the death for their crimes of banditry, with the bounty estabilished at 200 Septims each. Any woman or man is free to kill them and collect the reward in Karthgad.
They were last seen marauding by the Falkirstad - Dragonstar road. Beware, for they all are armed and highly dangerous.(...)
describing the group in -107, 15. Each bandit would have a script assigned to him/her, and after his or her death player would be entitled to gather the reward (100-200 Septims per bandit?). I should be able to get the scripts done, I know the bounty system was done before, in Indy Bank I think, so I think I would be able to mimic it for SHotN.
I think the reward of 200 septims per bandit is fine, perhaps 350 for a ringleader type of character. You could also have these bounties for just single characters like highwaymen or escaped prisoners.

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Re: Karthgad Quest: Hunting bandits (Sky_qRe-Kg03)

Post by Yeti » Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:30 pm

Tracking down bandits in the Vorndgad Forest is part of my Karthwasten Fighters Guild quest plans, or at least the notes for them I have jotted down on paper, but a similar idea could work as well. I really need to get around to posting those plans...

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